Jan 8, 2008

Circuit Puzzle Video

Thanks to Docarzt for this excellent video showing how to solve the Circuit Puzzle.


Jeff said...

The easiest thing for me was to just make sure all of the outside edges lined up correctly first, and then go from there.

Paula said...

i didn't think this game was hard at all!
maybe because i did it this morning an not at 3 am last night ;)

i made all of it from scratch at my second atemp cause time ran out on the first when i was finishing up LOL

but it is more chanllenging tho, i loved it!!!

*i adore puzzle games... so... keep more coming!!!*

Anonymous said...

How are you seeing the far left grid when playing the game? I don't think it's my computer screen but it's so dark I can't see all of the grid. Anyone else?