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**Update** - 01/16

Some of you pointed out that the finder misread the compass, so here is the updated post. Thanks for letting us know.
I've made a mistake for the theory.
It's not 115°W but 105°W !!!

But it's great because the point is no more on sunda trench, but very very near of christmas island.!! they talk about it on the last vidéo.

I recently spoke to Olivier from a French Lost Forum, and he sent me this theory about the maxwell logo and how the compass might actually mean something!

On the maxwell pic on the last video of sam who open the suit case you see a pic centered on the X, and i have an idea! May be the X is like a treasure, like a map,
where the X is the center. the X is the treasure what we have to find , ok? So i make a point on the X and a point on the center of the compass, i draw a line and i found 2 points: 285°E and 115°W.
When you search on goolge map with -11.1784 on longitude and with 115.285 on lattitude... where are we? On sunda trench of course!

Source: Olivier

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