Jan 16, 2008

Co-Ordinates Finally Solved ?

im posting this separately, as its getting to crowded on the other post with images.

Theories going around at the moment about the new letters seem to be the other set of Co-ordinates, and it seems like someone has updated Google Earth with these.

Take a look

Thanks to danteintheatl for this flickr image


Anonymous said...

I´ve inserted this DATA on Lost Chars on Google Maps!!!


And I´ve added some Set locations in HAWAII too!!!

MikeNY said...

lo and behold...

112°23'63" E corresponds almost exactly with the spot that is marked by the shift on the lower right of the compass.

(not that anyone will notice this comment either...)
[weeps quietly in sleeve]

Anonymous said...

I noticed it MikeNY, it's ok. Good catch.

tvwatcherinvt said...

do we think the tsunami 12/26/04 is going to play in here? Everytime you guys post these google maps it makes me wonder?


tvwatcherinvt said...

plus the timeline would be about right, show left off right before Christmas, and Sam is also "going to miss Christmas"

Amy said...

Guys, I think we're way off about the location of the island. According to all the clues from the show, it should be on the other side of Australia.