Jan 16, 2008

New Emails Today !

Hi everyone, here are the new emails Sam Thomas got today with some more mystery code :P

Thanks to Paula for the images,

Update: It seems some Commenters Have found letters smaller than the others, At this time the letters are AABBCFC, Theories suggesting it can be decoded to be the second set of co-ordinated Thanks to jlg628jlg pointing this out :).

If the Cipher is A=1, B=2 and so on then the numbers are 1122363 which can be interpreted as 112°23'63 E


daveparm said...

It looks like some characters are a little smaller than the others in the coded email. They are:


Not exactly sure what they are for... I was thinking maybe musical notes? I played it and its not anything immediately recognizable. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the letters correspond with numbers: A=1, B=2, C=3, F=6. So, 1122363 OR 112.2363...Sunda Trench anyone??

Paula said...

probably! good work!!! :)

Anonymous said...

well now we have:
-11.1784 and aabbcfc


-11.1784 and 11122336

maxwell group access?

Thomasriekki said...

The last ARG used decimal and another numberish thing like it :P sorry I forgot the name of it.
Does anyone have any idea who Pam and Ian are? I don't think they would have some completely irrelevant email for us...would they?

Anonymous said...

Are Pam and Ian Sonya's parents??

amcnair said...

Hexadecimal, you mean?

Anonymous said...

i think ian and pam are relatives of sams. not sure how any of his family are going to play into this now.

Paula said...

Pam and Ian appear to be Sonys'a parents, Sam's 'inlaws'...

i guess the email will be relevant later on....

Anonymous said...

Im putting this data to my map

thanks for the findings guys!!!

mattcar said...

Ok this is most likely a big stretch but here goes I was reading all the comments about the numbers and letters we have found and then the questions about Ian and Pam and The thought crossed my mind do you think Ian and Pam could be a clue for I&P as in the number(and converted letters) could be an IP address. they are most likely coordinates but I thought I would think outside the box

Anonymous said...

I typed these coordinates into google earth

-11.1874 112.2353

the 112.2353 relates to AAB.BCFC

The coordinates are for an area directly off the Sunda Trench

toolero said...

Good thinking mattcarr, in fact AABBCFC are used also as hexadecimal symbols and could be converted to binary.

The only problem is that we´re missing an octet.

Anonymous said...

I've uploaded a Mapquest map on Flickr showing that those coordinates are indeed right off the Sunda Trench!


Anonymous said...

got to find you to talk just find jack saywer kate and kaka john

travis said...

In the ARG it's sometime before Christmas. That doesn't exactly jive with the date on the Oceanic press release that started this whole thing. How can Sam hack a website prior to Christmas that doesn't go live until the new year??

That tells me the ARG isn't taking place in the present time and that the Oceanic press release, while pointing fans to the ARG, isn't really part of the ARG. (The one kink in that theory is the website on Sam's computer that has a link to the press release)

More likely, it's happening in 2004 a few months after the crash, but before the arrival of Cooper to island. That puts it in mid-to-late November, 2004.

Anonymous said...

got to find you to talk just find jack saywer kate and karl, aka jacob ; )

Anonymous said...

could Ian be the Coroner that Mr. Eko went to visit when he investigated that miracle? that guy's name was Ian...and he's Australian...also there's a Pam on the island, she was a Tailie.

Anonymous said...


vvvvvv _____________________________________________
(,) (,)

"got to find you to talk just find jack sawyer kate AKAKAJ" (and karl aka jacob)

Monk Satyr said...

probably nothing, but I noticed some words in the new garbled email. They are in order as follows:

sun, dad, dot, guy, hurt, cob, slap, rust, bag, all, jabs

Also some 2 letter words appear (most likely there are more than listed here). They are, again, in order:

of, do, so, as, as, go, no, it, to, it, no, to,

And some other interesting letter combos (again there are many more, these are just the ones that jumped out at me at first blush):

req, dvd, deb, cd, aka

All that typing for something I'm nearly sure is pointless... LOST will do that to ya :)

Hoku said...

I agree! They are coordinates. Good job.

richlost said...

You have listed that today coordinates are "112°23'63 E".
That would mean that you are using a different degree format than was used in the first coordinate, that being "-11°.1784".
"112°23'63 E" is in the DMS or Degree:Minute:Second format,
"-11°.1784" is in the DD or Decimal Degree format, compound that with the fact that in the DMS format, the seconds portion of the coordinate can not be more than 60.
Most online mapping tools will compensate by interpreting the value of "112°23'63" as "112°23.63" using the DM or Degree Minute format.
Using my handheld GPS, I can tell you that it is impossible to enter these coordinates using the DMS format, and that there is a distance of 13.5 miles between locations using the DD and the DM formats, and since the first coordinates that we recieve appeared numerically to be in the DD format, I suggest that the correct location is,
-11°.1784 x 112°2363E

gezzer1982 said...

has any1 mention the gap at the end theres only one space in the whole email thats after the last small letter, could this be for a reason ?

sfj3 said...

yer i was gona say that. all i noticed was the gap between C and G.
But looking at the image now ther appears to be more space between:
A and O (line 5) A and S (line 7) B and I (line 10 - makes word I hurt) C and J (line 13) F and L (line 17)

only words i notice in ther: 'dad' 'dot' 'guy' 'i hurt' 'dvd' 'slap' 'bag' 'jab' 'kaka' (link to ac milan ? lol)

Junglepunk520 said...

Just wondering if anyone noticed this, in the E-mail between Sam and Tracey, does it seem like they are brother and sister from the way they are talking about "mum"?

PenguinJosh said...

Completely off topic, but I know a couple called Ian and Pam

Haha :)

PenguinJosh said...
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gezzer1982 said...

has any1 trued to match these up with the number email, i've done left to right letter to numbers

from left
from right

i did try to do numbers to letters but eyes gone, so gave up what i kinda got was this but could be wrong

senrjd from left

any body want to try it

Canucklehead said...

This is probably nothing, but the first thing that jumped out at me when looking at this e-mail was the word "voir" (French: to see) in the first line. I've been looking for other obvious French words....but nothing yet.

Like I said, it may be just a coincidence...but given that one of our clues today was in French, just thought I'd mention it!