Jan 1, 2008

DNS Reports for the ARG Sites

Thanks to ozguroyus for the following.

hey folk here is the detailed info about the site from Netcraft:

Site report for www.find815.com
Site http://www.find815.com Last reboot unknown
Domain find815.com
Netblock owner Media Temple, Inc.
IP address Site rank unknown
Country US
Nameserver ns1.mediatemple.net
Date first seen unknown DNS admin: dnsadmin@mediatemple.net
Domain Registry unknown Reverse DNS vip.abcproject.com
Organisation unknown Nameserver Organisation (mt) Media Temple, Inc., 8520 National Blvd., Building A, Culver City, 90232, United States

Site report for www.the-maxwell-group.com
Site http://www.the-maxwell-group.com Last reboot unknown Uptime graph
Domain the-maxwell-group.com Netblock owner GoDaddy.com, Inc.
IP address Site rank unknown
Country US Nameserver ns07.domaincontrol.com
Date first seen November 2000 DNS admin dns@jomax.net
Domain Registry unknown Reverse DNS pwfwd-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net
Organisation unknown Nameserver Organisation Special Domain Services, Inc.


Gavin Jones KY said...

From my investigating, the maxwell-group website is being taken care of by a man named Nathan Mayfield who works for the Hoodlum Company in Australia.

By the way, after looking him up on the company website, he looks remarkably like our new character "Sam" in Find 815.

Adam said...

it really does look like him! hmmmm interesting... And there is a Tracey R working there ;)

Tevildo said...

Where is this information about Nathan Mayfield/the Hoodlum Company?

Gavin Jones KY said...


I looked into the domain name's ownership and found the info regarding Nathan and the Hoodlum Company

Tevildo said...

In the future, please provide a link, or some sort of reference for this sort of thing. These games are supposed to be cooperative :P

For everyone else, the link is http://www.hoodlum.com.au.

Shaun said...

Good stuff guys,.

I'm interested in the collar that was showin toward the end.