Jan 1, 2008

Screencaps from the first part


Anonymous said...

HI I'm french, and i found something very interesting on the FIND815 website...

LOOK on the first video with the GMN World news that watch SAM. There is the NASDAQ, DOW JONES et S&P 500.

I have looked for a day where there was same numbers.

I have found the day!!

It's the 13 january 2006!!!!

The 13th january 2006

Nasdaq was: 2,317.04

Dow Jones was: 10,958.87

and S&P 500 was: 1,287.61

You can look on a website, the numbers are the same that on the video.

so if the video is from the 13 january 2006, and the crash from 22 september 2004... Why on the island there is so 4 months past...

When Sam search flight 815 is it on the same time of the Island and Season 4? Or May be the nine characters on the book of the Sam Desk are out the island when Sam watch the vidéo and receive his mail....

Very Mysterious ....

Answer me please!!!!!!!!!

Brian said...
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denmengnash said...

The Christiane I part... Could that refer to the C I and C II parts on the Blast Door Map or are they CV I (or possibly C VI)?

A long shot, just throwing it out there.. Looks very well done this year.. and it isnt as creepy as the Hanso website was *shudder*

Anonymous said...

yeah....i already knew the Oceanic 6 but that information should still probably be behind something since this isnt the spoiler seciton..i didn't know for sure about the "three not on the list" other then through speciulation...

Brian said...

Thanks for the quick edit... I've removed my comment to ensure that this area can be spoiler free!

ozguroyus said...

hey folk here is the detailed info about the site from Netcraft:


Site report for www.find815.com
Site http://www.find815.com Last reboot unknown
Domain find815.com
Netblock owner Media Temple, Inc.
IP address Site rank unknown
Country US
Nameserver ns1.mediatemple.net
Date first seen unknown DNS admin: dnsadmin@mediatemple.net
Domain Registry unknown Reverse DNS vip.abcproject.com
Organisation unknown Nameserver Organisation (mt) Media Temple, Inc., 8520 National Blvd., Building A, Culver City, 90232, United States


Site report for www.the-maxwell-group.com
Site http://www.the-maxwell-group.com Last reboot unknown Uptime graph
Domain the-maxwell-group.com Netblock owner GoDaddy.com, Inc.
IP address Site rank unknown
Country US Nameserver ns07.domaincontrol.com
Date first seen November 2000 DNS admin dns@jomax.net
Domain Registry unknown Reverse DNS pwfwd-v01.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net
Organisation unknown Nameserver Organisation Special Domain Services, Inc.

DarkUFO said...

Sorry about the spoilers. That was my fault for not letting the team know this was a spoiler free section.

Thanks for pointing it out.

sawyer840 said...

Made the pics now spoiler free! LOL

Anonymous said...

Could "Christiane I" be a reference to Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard? She won the Nobel Prize in 1995 for researching the genetic control of embryonic development...

paolovf said...

I wonder if the manifest notebook is going to play much of a part in this game.

It's interesting to note that all 9 people are still alive and from the same section of the plane.

Sam S. said...

There are some e-mails that show up on the laptop before he opens up the one from the maxwell group. It's odd that you can't see these when you look through his laptop.


Jennifer B said...

I tried to work on some angrams for the words hidden in the picture. I used a website, but they didn't make much sense to me. Did anyone else try?