Jan 2, 2008

Find 815 - The Endpoint

Thanks to Ted over at the excellent Lostpedia site for the following.

The game will end at a fixed point, 2 hours before the premiere of Season 4. It'll be the end of chapter 5.


Gater said...

when the game ends january 31th...what's about the maxwell site and the date second february?

DarkUFO said...

Gator, the Maxwell site opens tonight I believe it's a US format date

MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's probably DD/MM/YYYY and the time is hh/mm/ss.
So it's 8 minutes past midnight. Can't wait ;-)

Gater said...

ok ok, i'm convinced.
there was an error in reasoning...here in germany, we have other dates und time rules.

KeepingAwake said...

The information on the end date comes from the HELP section of the main page of find815.com.

I'd recommend everyone read that--lots of good info in there.

Steff said...

i was just about to write this... HELP sections are there with some reason:D