Jan 7, 2008

Find 815 Widget for your Site

We've just created a widget for you site/blog/myspace pages. Just click on the "Get Widget" link and follow the instructions to add it to your site. Hope you like it.


Joern said...

Count me in !!!

Can i post my site around here? If you think its inappropiate please delete


Just give me like 5 minutes will ya ^^

PenguinJosh said...

Love the new widget on side of page! :)

Paula said...

you ROCK dark :)

great widget :) :) :)

Joern said...

I just uglyfied all of my sites with the widget xD...nah just kidding, you cannot make myspace even uglier than it is already, right?

Awesome widget, its running just fine, even though myspace takes a while to load it, but hey, who goes there anyways. Hopefully we can drag a buncha million more people into the game that way.

James (JRG1990) said...

Totally unrelated to the widget (which rocks), but is anyone else having problems logging in over on Find 815? I put in my username and password, the loading bar comes in, but then suddenly disappears, and its not logged in, because the "My Progress" shows all incomplete, where it should be all complete. This may just be a problem for me, but it may be a real bug, so just letting you all know.

notlost said...

just logged into find815...no probs...keep trying...this close to the update most people expierence problems..