LOST ARG - Find 815 - DarkUFO

With the game starting up in less than 20 minutes, we are expecting a HUGE influx of users and LOST fans trying to log on to the game site and this blog.

Also, most of you know that the site has had some troubles loading everything, so please be patient. Best thing you can do is try closing your browser and login again.

There are SEVERAL members of the team here so we will do our best to post anything we find as soon as possible. Please forgive us if there are double posts, we just want to be able to share all the info we have with all of you out there.

DarkUFO is in a time zone that is most likely sleeping right now, but I should be on for most of the night. If you feel you have found something and want it posted feel free to message me directly at mrtheodi@gmail.com or post a comment and I will post it for you.

Hopefully the final video will lead us into Chapter 2 tonight, so good luck to all and happy hunting!!


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