Jan 5, 2008

New Video is the Hidden Video Diary

Hey All,
Looks like nothing major today. The new video is the Hidden Video Diary that was posted by Dark yesterday at this post. The video was found by Dan in the embedded flash code of the site.

I am reposting the video with a couple of new screencaps of what it looks like.

My name is Sam Thomas.
And up until a few days ago I worked for Oceanic Airlines.
I was an IT technician.
My partner Sonya also worked for Oceanic.
She was a flight attendant.
Sonya was on board Flight 815 when it...disappeared.
Oceanic have recently decided to abandon the search for 815.
Despite this I won't stop looking.
You see I need to know what happened.
And if I'm honest with myself this is part of the reason why.
She's a beauty isn't she.
Two months from now was to be the
8th anniversary of the day Sonya and I met.
And my plan was to get down on one knee,
which would have really embarrassed her,
give her this ring and ask her to marry me.
And that would have made up for all the times I could have.
But I didn't.
Tomorrow I'm flying to Jakarta.
I'm going to hitch a ride aboard a salvage boat called the Christiane I
which is looking for a shipwreck somewhere in the deepest waters on the planet.
And I'm doing this because I received a coded message
in a photograph from a group called 'MAXWELL'.
It might seem crazy but to tell you the truth I feel like crap,
I can't sleep and I'm not going to just sit around
waiting to feel good again.
I've had enough of waiting until it's too late.

Source: Find815


Jake Chambers said...

I'm one hour ahead of Dark, but I waited for the video... although I could have seen it yesterday too... and nothing special happened... now we've got to wait almost three days for chapter too... it looks like we wait for Sam to get to Jakarta :D:D:D

The_Other_Other said...

The ring is form Manhattan ... is this important or not ... I dunno

lucas said...

hey guys, i don't know if anyone of u can help me but the time counter of my find815.com doesn't seem to be the same as everyone else's. for instance, now, when the video diary has just been released, mine says 94 hours 30 minutes. and before it was refreshed to this number it said something like 30 hours. it seems mine's is a a few hours behind time.

also, some of the emails like Sam's reply to the termination mail, saying he'd returned everything to the company's hasn't shown up in my find815.com either

Joan said...

that was so quick

dragossh said...

This kinda sucked.. waiting two days for a video. And now waiting tree more days for chapter 2 to begin... :(

Kevin Moore said...

for an IT guy he sure does make some shitty quality videos.

xtiffanyterror said...

I agree that waiting that long for the video sucked, but I dont think that it really means we have to wait for Chapter 2. During the countdown to the video or the end of chapter 1, we kept getting new stuff along the way...soo Im thinking/hoping that this just means chapter 2 has started? They will hopefully keep putting out little stuff for us.

cmp725 said...

I saw the video but my progress still has an activity to accomplish. I thought I was done. What is the activity or was it to watch the video and it's just slow now?

Morgan said...

cmp- the two activities are to find the words in the picture and to find the clues in the bedroom.

cmp725 said...

Thanks Morgan. I already did that stuff. I think there is just a bug in the system with all of the activity. I'll log back later. Can't wait to move forward!

Steff said...

here is a screenshot of the ring (MANHATTAN can be read); i dont think a new post is needed, you can update this

Sawyers said...

is there a screenshot where the 2nd word can be read anywhere?

ps to kevin moore LMFAO

Steff said...

which word?

Sawyers said...

It looks like a word below Manhattan, is a much smaller font that i can't read, in the screenshot of the ringbox linked above.

Steff said...

i cant read it either.. maybe something like "f****ia"

Sawyers said...

i tried to google all kinds of combos; jewel, manhattan, au... got nada ;)

Steff said...

me 2 :))) i got only manhattan ring - box & pillow.. but nothing to do with this one

Sawyers said...

I did see on another site that, to the right of the video diary 'optical image sharpener, can be CLEARLY read...Where are the screencap experts when you need 'em? :)

Sawyers said...

edit to read 'optical image sharpener' ;)

Steff said...

its on sam's camera.. but OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZER is written.. not sharpener

Sawyers said...

oops...my mistake...that's why i didn't credit it ;)

Steff said...

going to bed... its 04:53am here!!

Jessica said...

I'm confused now. Is Sam in 2008 or 2004? If it's present time, why would he have been planning on proposing for over 3 years? Doesn't make sense to me.

Jake Chambers said...

We assume Sam's in 2006. And... why doesn't it make sense that he planned to propose for three years?

xTiffanyTerror said...

I agree that even if Sam is in 2006 time, it doesnt make sense. The plane went missing in 2004 how could he have been planning on it for 3 years? That gives him 1 year, although he could of course still be planning on it even though Sonya is missing. Also, the Losties havent been there for 2 years so 2006 doesnt make sense either? Plus, having Sam use myspace and facebook leaves him posting us messages and updates in real time. No matter how you look at it the time frame seems off

shamballa108 said...

We are assuming it is 2006 because of the stock ticker on the newscast, but that has been changed a few times now (along with 20 other things) so I don't know that we can take the original numbers as gospel.

"Time runs differently" on the island compared to the outside world. It seems to be a ratio of 1 island month equals 1 real world year. Losties crash late 2004 and rescue comes early 2008 but for them only three months have passed.

Jake Chambers said...

@xTiffanyTerror: Sorry, but I don't understand you... If you watch the video again... you'll actually get that he planned to ask her to marry him BEFORE the plane went missing, but he didn't (was probably affraid, like people usually are)... and he still holds on to it, and SO WHAT? You think someone can't love somebody who's missing for that long?

Manuel said...

I posted this on a different thread. This is my contrinution to the manhattan thing:
Did you hear about the Manhattan project?

Addtionally, isn't Cloverfield located in NY (Manhattan)? I guess it is one more advertisement for the film.

Hope it makes sense.