Jan 24, 2008

FIND815 in 2mins

A fun recap-slideshow of events so far (compressed into 2mins)


Anonymous said...

Im not one to bag on other people, but that was low-budget

Congested said...

OMG that was awesome.


Anonymous said...

i was sat there thinking damn i know that song but i cant think what it is, then it hit me. LMAO.

very nicely done.

Amanda said...

Awesome job, spOOky!!! Very entertaining! :o)

RFisher33 said...

Sp00ky that is awesome. Ha Ha

SpOOky said...

Thanks :)
I just slapped it together quickly for Fun. :)

Daniel said...

lol, perfect song! :)

Koobie said...

SpOOky that was amazing, great job!

Cake rules!

Congested said...

Ahhh I keep watching it lol.

SpOOky said...

Congested said... Ahhh I keep watching it lol.

lol, last night it had 511 views
I was wondering were the 500 came from, Now I know ;)

Pennyforyourthoughts said...

so glad you posted it spooky....i watched it over and over last night while i looked for clues....it helps my brain not to hurt and it makes me smile ;)


burningmax said...

Hi there - first of all good teamwork on this blog, everybody really rocks!

I just would like to share some good video chapter-by-chapter recap put together by a guy in Poland named Bartek.

He basically put all the video segments together (not including screenshots of clue search/games), and took some creative liberty by adding also actual sequences from the LOST series but he did it in a very good story-telling way.

Final editing is very LOST-like, and he also let us re-experience the crash sequence at the beginning of his Chapter 1 recap. A very good job, in my opinion, and very entertaining, too - so I'd like to share.

He already published Chapter 1 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT7MEVWMfYY&feature=PlayList&p=9585BC49B374374C&index=5

Chapter 2 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSzsImV_B4o&feature=PlayList&p=9585BC49B374374C&index=6

Chapter 3 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlJFaWlJNfk&feature=PlayList&p=9585BC49B374374C&index=7

.... and I'm looking forward to see Chapter 4 soon, I'm sure it will be up on YouTube before the end of the week!

I'm looking forward to actually explore that Maxwell Group website - by the way, any news of thehansofoundation.com reactivation? These guys are still behind it all, including Widmore Industry and Maxwell Group, as we all know....

keep up with the good job!