Jan 1, 2008

Flyoceanicair.com has been updated

Update: 1st Jan 2008 13:30 Thanks to DocArzt for the following images

Update: 1st Jan 2008 10:00 A new site on the same server has been found. http://www.the-maxwell-group.com/ Currently it has a Username and Password so keep looking out for changes on this site.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me.

http://www.flyoceanicair.com has been updated which then leads to http://find815.com/

The new video from Fly Oceanic is below.

This leads to the new site which has the following videos.

My good friend The ODI has already taken some good screencaps from some extra screen and clues here.


mike faria said...
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Chaz said...

Where did Doc Artz' second photo come from the one with the plane and Find 815 on it. I didn't see that anywhere.

DarkUFO said...

Mike, the 2nd clip just started playing on my pc.

Chaz: If you have a URL Snooping program you can find the source SWF files and if you demcompile them you can sometimes find hidden info in them.

Anonymous said...


HI I'm french, and i found something very interesting on the FIND815 website...

LOOK on the first video with the GMN World news that watch SAM. There is the NASDAQ, DOW JONES et S&P 500.

I have looked for a day where there was same numbers.

I have found the day!!

It's the 13 january 2006!!!!

The 13th january 2006

Nasdaq was: 2,317.04

Dow Jones was: 10,958.87

and S&P 500 was: 1,287.61

You can look on a website, the numbers are the same that on the video.

so if the video is from the 13 january 2006, and the crash from 22 september 2004... Why on the island there is so 4 months past...

When Sam search flight 815 is it on the same time of the Island and Season 4? Or May be the nine characters on the book of the Sam Desk are out the island when Sam watch the vidéo and receive his mail....

Very Mysterious ....

Answer me please!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know exactly what the activity is for Chapter 1?

Heat said...

if you try to log into the maxwell site, it forwards you to a page that says:

Authentication Server Temporarily Down

The server is currently being serviced. It is expected to be back in service by
02/01/2008 00:08:15 UTC

Click here to return to homepage

and since the first episode is airing on Jan 31st (right?), maybe this will be changed the day after?