Jan 12, 2008

Game Night - Jan 11th Chapter 2 Ends?

Hey All,

Welcome to the Find815 Blog@DarkUFO, we appreciate all of your feedback, comments and emails as we try to sort through this game.

As always the Find815 site seems to crash and load slowly on game night so please be patient and if you can't get in just sit back relax and try again a few minutes later.

Tonight I am still at work on a slower PC so please be patient with my replies, I promise I will get to them all....eventually... ;)

Also, it does not seem like we will get anything too big tonight, but whatever we do get will be posted.

Just in case, here are a few emails of some of the other Find815 team members:

ODI: mrtheodi@gmail.com
Paula: pauinha6@yahoo.com
SpOOky: spookys_arena@hotmail.com
Charlie: manchestercharlie08@gmail.com
Congested: im.congested@gmail.com
Penguin Josh: penguinboyjosh@googlemail.com
Josh: jj_bwood@hotmail.com

Feel free to send a message to any of us...and we will do our best to get your info posted.

Also, there are several other team members floating and watching, so you can always post a comment with a discovery, link or observation and they will grab it.

Good luck and see you all online...go Sam...!! :)


Anonymous said...

woohoo, it's actually loading pretty quickly :)

Congested said...

you can add me to that list as well :/

im.congested@gmail.com :)

The_Other_Other said...

Got a pic here with some words that pop up during the video ......


The_Other_Other said...

Video diary two that is

modernman said...

did you notice the oceanic flashes?

The_Other_Other said...

Ya ... tyring to get it right now.

The_Other_Other said...


Lost: The Videogame on presale

Anonymous said...

Just the video, by now.

Dr. Candle said...

I swear I saw the Oceanic Airlines logo flash in the video! Anyone else see it?

Anonymous said...


Dr. Candle said...

Duh, I guess you did! I was posting and didnt see the other earlier posts!
Namaste anyway!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the pic in the facebook. Can anyone post in some other place ? thanks !

Anonymous said...

These are the caps I got:

The Oceanic one:

And the one with some words:

PenguinJosh said...

You can add my gmail to the list if u wish.


Joshjb said...

You can add me to the list, too.