Jan 11, 2008

Google Maps - Lost World

Thanks to Dudu for all his hard work on this.

This night i made a Map in Google map with Information form Lostpedia, and will uptate it with FIND 815 data!!

* Blue Balloons With a dot are locations that appears in the Show
* Blue Balloons are locations mentioned in the TV Show
* Fire icon is Hot area, where lots of things occurs
* i icons are just info related to lost
* Yellow icon are The Lost Experience references ( ARG )
* Green icon are Find 815 references (ARG )

I hope you guys like.. its far from complete, and you can also use Google Earth (attached) , and if you want to contribute to the map, I can send invitations to you guys,

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Source: Dudu


Anonymous said...

Nice work!

Paula said...

Thx Dudu!!!

Shannon Horrocks said...

This is awesome! I'm very impressed.

Dudu Maroja said...

Thanks guys!

Rafael said...

Man hard work you've done! Congrats!!

Dudu Maroja said...

Plese, do not forget to Rate the map on google maps! please, and you can comment if want too =]

and if you can read portuguese, check my blog http://ciladas.wordpress.com

waylost said...

This is great work, but I want to bring to everyone's attention that real airline routes curve due to the curvature of the earth and the desire to stay as close to land as possible in case of trouble. Since Oceanic is a fake airline, I went to Qantas and found a copy of their flight routes from Sydney to LA. It shows that upon leaving Sydney the flight starts a NE direction, passes north of Fiji and south of Howland Island where Amelia Earhardt was trying to land. The flight continues slightly curved and would pass closer to Hawaii than the straight line on the map. So a real flight path would come very near or intersect Amelia Earhardt's flight path. Unless everyone got completely turned around, if they find 815 in the Sunda trench it was probably planted there to divert attention away from the island's true location.

Dudu Maroja said...

that line is just a point a to b line.. i dont know the routs to make a precise one, if you have some info.. send me a email


Congested said...

Awesome map. However some locations are showing the wrong type of pin for me.. which could simply be an error in the map loading.

For example:

-Ar Ramadi, Iraque is showing a green icon when I believe it should have a blue balloon.

-Cairo has a blue balloon with a dot, but I think it was just mentioned in the show.

-Scotland has a blue

-Londres (or London) has a blue balloon with no dot.

-Fiji has a blue balloon with a dot but that location has never appeared in the show.

There may be more as I haven't checked every pin... still, really amazing job and I'll be sure to vote for your map! :)

Congested said...

subtract "-Scotland" by the way* :)

Monk Satyr said...

NICE Dudu Maroja! Thanks for all the hard work! It'll help out with some of the spacial relationships and what-not.

Dudu Maroja said...

Thanks Monk,

Congested, I will check you notes on monday, today i only have few time, i m goin to make a trip

commando_j said...

To everyone...
Seeing that the Black Rock was sailing West instead of Easterly which it was supposed to, and that the Maxwell-Group logo has the East and West reversed, It makes sense that flight 815 at some point had east and west flipped on them. Whether it happens right away, or only when they decide to turn back, I think this happened to them. Possibly could the location of the flip be at the last known area of Amelia Earhart? If you flip East and West from the beginning of the flight you can end up in the Sunda Trech area.

commando_j said...

Can you add a path that is 15 degrees off from the projected path? Since the Maxwell-group logo 60 degrees shows 75 degrees it may mean that they were flying the whole time off by 15 degrees south of the right path. Then we can see if the distance between the two is about 1000 miles (which I think it is).

commando_j said...

Also, i think there was two 815s, just like two black rocks. One Black Rock was last seen going west, and the real one actually went East like it was supposed to. There was one flight 815 that was found off the coast of Bali, and the real one is now on the Lost Island. If you chart 815 to go North West instead of North East, it seems to end up off the coast of Bali, if you take into consideration the turn-around of the flight also.

Dudu Maroja said...

I cant do anythink with the compass of the maxwell logo just beacou its just especulations, nothing was writen or spoken in the game about it..

and the Geological compass have the W and E inverted... just search about it