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Thanks to DarkUFO reader Kenshi for the following.

In the email that Tracey sent about the Black Rock, she mentioned the Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants. Back in 1950, the Hanso Group bought this company.

Back on the Lost Experience 1, Rachel Blake discovered it was transporting a modified ship when she stumbled on a meeting between Thomas Mittlewerk and a rep from Paik Heavy Industries. (http://alliedcopenhagenmarinemerchants.com/index.htm)

I took a look at their public schedule, I'm not sure but maybe one of those ships is the freighter?

The first ship was talked about on the Lost Experience 1.

If you look at the third ship on that list, it leaves Zanzibar, also a location of the Hanso Foundation. Mittelwerk also mentioned he will use one of their own ports for the ship to be moved.

Even if the site is a fake, I think some of the connections I found are worth noting.

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