Jan 15, 2008

Link in Chair - UPDATE!

UPDATE: Just to clarify following a post on the comment on this blog... The point i am trying to make is that the "link" isnt a link. It is only to close the drawer. That is its purpose. The "links" location may be purposely placed, but to call it a "link" that leads nowhere is misleading.

Just to clear up the below post, the "link" is actually just a glitch in the code. It appears a few times more over where objects "open" or "move to".
Hope this helps

Adam (aka Croucher 1986)


sawyer840 said...

It is still not the point!
watch the picture i added, it is just what i noticed and i found it interesting, nothing more, nothing less!

wasm said...
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OurMutual said...

Figure this out and you will be rewarded