Jan 15, 2008

A hidden link on Talbot's cabin chair


Look at the chair where the cross is!
At this place there is a link hidden, but it is active, but leads to nothing!
Right beside an axis of abscissas !!!

To compare a map with another axis, or is it the axis?!
If you look where the chair is in relation to the axis and where Hawaii is in relation to the pacific axis, then it is really obvious somehow:


Assassin said...

haha.. sorry to tell ya man.. but the same thing happens with the drawer in the table too...

If you ipen the drawer with the breif case in it.. notice where the drawer stops at.. the close it and move your mouse over that same spot... I thought the same thing with the draw in the desk.. if you move your mouse over the 3rd drawer (not the second) you would think that it opens but its just where the second drawer stops at.. catch what i mean?

sawyer840 said...

I think you didn't catch it!

wasm said...

first of all, what is your point??
secondly, assasin is right, if you check its not only that one spot, its the whole bit of floor in front of the drawer, that seems to be a dead link.

Cobines said...

This link is used to close the drawer.

sawyer840 said...

The position of the end of the armrest is in relation to the axis is exactly the same position on the map to locate the Hawaiian islands!

croucher1986 said...

Sawyer, do you not understand? that link is to close the drawer. The map could be manipulated and moved to make any point on the screen match what your trying to prove. The point on the chair is the link to close the drawer, thats it

sawyer840 said...

I made another picture to show you what exactly i mean, it has nothing to do with the function of the link, but where it is, perhaps the update post shows you!

Assassin said...

Well either way.. what program did you use that has those little arrows in it.. those are neat..

sawyer840 said...

corel graphic suit

Nathan said...

Hmm... so what's your point? I can randomly line up a map with ANY picture and make meaningless observations about it.

nickelback100 said...

this one made me laugh,the game makers are probably looking at all this in depth analysis with dread

I'll take it back sawyer if you are proven right!

wasm said...

"The position of the end of the armrest is in relation to the axis is exactly the same position on the map to locate the Hawaiian islands!"

lol, look at your own picture man!!

sawyer840 said...

Have you guys all lost your mind?
Are the Lost withdrawal symptoms so heavy, that you all get grumpy?
I cannot understand why you all are posting in that way to my discover when others can post every other nonsense as well, look to this :
mystery-islands-on-sams-computer or this
Dates Changed on ACMM Website

Why you all don't try to see it just as fan?
It would make it much more easier!

The ODI said...

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone of you out there that has kept coming back over and over again everyday to make this site the #1 Find815 fansite on the net. The whole team works very hard to keep everything up to date for all of you fans out there and we appreciate DarkUFO for the platform to connect with all of you.

Now, for those of you that do not know this, Sawyer840 is a very valuable and reliable source of LOST information and spoilers and he is a friend of both myself and Dark. My point is that he is not on here to just get a kick out of it.

As far as this post is concerned, if you noticed the post is just a theory and even has the label "speculation", there is no need to be rude to any one or any where on this board.

If you disagree with a theory or post then so be it....please state your opinion or provide us with some information to dispute the theory.

We have posted several other things on this board that can be considered "over-analyzing" but that is what us LOST fans do. I mean we posted the fact there seems to be a glitch on the Maxwell Group site causing a "dot".

Whether the writers are laughing at us or not, the bottom line is you should know that anything is possible in the LOST-verse. Plus with 1000s of readers coming to the site from ALL over the world you are bound to encounter several different opinions because people are different and come from different backgrounds.

That is what makes this show LOST and anything to do with it so great....it transcends cultures and over comes barriers.

I personally have received emails from all parts of the world about the page....including Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

So please respect your fellow reader and Lostie and just enjoy....after all it is "just" a game.


David said...

The ODI:

You're totally right. I really don't see what the point in cynicism is. The fact is that there is a huge amount of hiiden detail throughout this game and jus like in TLE, there are inferences to be drawn and easter eggs to be found.

Keep it up everyone!