Jan 11, 2008

Lost flight of Amelia Earhart:70th Anniversary 1937-2007

Thanks to Cryan for the info.

Everytime, when i check the find815.blogspot.com, I receive different ads from Google.. They rotate according to the articles' topics in the blog.. (In general I receive different Internet game sites ads in my home country)

But today I receive the add about 'Lost flight of Amelia Earhart:70th Anniversary 1937-2007' in a high frequency (maybe because of the high frequency of the Amelia Earhart discussions..)!

I have the screencap attached..

The ad is linked to following: http://www.ameliaearhartmovie.com/?gclid=COOWv_ru7JACFQ6hQwodrnQKXA
(A movie by allied artists)


rob219 said...

i'm gettin the same ad too

Andrew said...


Congested said...

I got that too. Like Cryan speculated, It's probably just because the ad generator sees all the "Amelia Earharts" on this page.