Jan 25, 2008

Marvel Comics and Lost crossover

As earlier confirmed over in the Lost Media Mentions "sister" section of Find815, Marvel Comics and ABC are dropping Lost easter eggs in upcoming Marvel comic books. This cleary explains the Find815.com reference we got tipped on about an upcoming Captain America comic book.

Will Sam Thomas squeeze his way into Lost/Marvel fanboys' hearts by appearing in one of these comics? Or will he be doomed to the almost non-published existance that Rachel Blake has endured? Find out next month!


It seems Find815.com has made its way into Spider-Man as well, check out what DocArzt came across:

Okay this is a bit too obvious to be anything other than part of the marketing for the 815 game. In the latest issue of Spiderman, 548, on page 11 we see a find815.com bumper sticker on a cab. A few weeks back it was a Lost poster for Kate. Thanks to Mike for the intel. Click the pic to see it full size.

Source: DocArzt


Anonymous said...

ABC Press Release:


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it odd that the Find815 adverts are in a Feb issue of a comic book - considering the game ends on Jan 31??? Unless it's going to continue past this date in some sort of real-time continum.

Congested said...

Well comics tend to get released before the month labeled on them... As for the "find out next month" comment I made in the post... that was just a joke since that's how a lot of comics end ;)

Rachel said...

license plate says "CIV WAR", maybe Ben was telling the truth in the season 3 finale. Could this stand for Civil War?

Anonymous said...

there was also the Marvel Civil War, so that could be the reference.