Jan 26, 2008

Stills from Sams Video Diary 4

Frame distortion's in Sam's Video Diary 4

Update:Thanks to oknawa for spoting what looks like a message to the fans.


Thanks to SunSpot,Izbitzer,Sprocket,Wesley,Mando,Amaebi,Etoilee, Hurley_Girl & island princess.

Update: 26/01/08 - Thanks to XaRen for thease additional stills.


Izbitzer said...



Same book!

Matthew said...

OMF's anagram pic appears inverted on some of the screens

Anonymous said...

Lot of intersting stuff in this video!

I hope some one find out what is this soon!

Amazona said...

Could that be the valenzeti equation?

Vanessa said...

dang it wasn't signed in!

I think there is more to the anagram pic

Eliza said...

cool. I saw a few more other distortions in the video not captured here but as far as i can tell it looks like pages from a book on magnetism. Diagrams on how magnetic field lines react on a particle in the field etc.

Twinkle said...

This image: http://bp2.blogger.com/_8FV_exo2vSc/R5qZlhXksJI/AAAAAAAAAnE/02fHwnGv_fw/s1600-h/Image14.jpg

has old type face text on it that looks like it matches a different screen grab on http://www.oceanic-conspiracies.blogspot.com/ .

Wonder if they'll say something if we put them together? Wonder if there are any more? There's so much in this video that it's probably hard to catch everything.

Dr. Candle said...

The screencap with the large orb in the center reads:
Direction of motion, but spelled oddly. It also shows the directions of North, South,East and West.

MoriaFalls said...

I have found it!!!

Its on page 8 of this

Ps This site would not load until tonight

oknawa said...



Hurley_Girl said...

I have a screen cap that is not up there. Not sure how to post it, so here's a link.


Anonymous said...

Sam needs a new camera. Or at least a new tape.

Charlie08 said...

who thought math and physics could be so interesting :)

Cobines said...

all other figures and equations in the video appear to be from that book

Bryan said...

I found where the clips are from in tonights video diary


starting at page 9...scroll down you will first see the equation, then all the other clips from tonights diary

Check it out, lemme know what you think, Thanks, Collab.

Save_The_Hobbit said...

This whole thing has a lot of explaining left to do, doesn't it? And it's only got one chapter left! That's even more stuff they're going to have to explain in the show.

Not that I mind, I just hope all of the hours you've all spent analyzing will not be going to waste!

Madera said...

Hey People!!

On this paperwork (.PDF) thare are some formulas, leters ans some paragraphs marked as they were circuled or pointed with a pen or pencil.. must see!

Maybe that's something!

* Just to take note: in the name of the file "Maxwell_oplf.pdf" the "oplf" means: "On Physical Lines of Force"

Greetings from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Maxwell in that book is the same Maxwell as in The Maxwell group.

Is that site part of the game or is it a real site, not created for the game?

zap800 said...

page 49 has a formula circled and right next to it is (108). it is E=V multiplied by the square root of a funny looking u. sorry i cant post it but I have no clue how to write that in here.

Mike Anderson said...

Lapidus, second part of the keyword this week... there is some equation that he was responsible for but I can't find much out about it, some sort of Dif-eq... maybe worth investigating?

zap800 said...

hey I also noticed that the face in the first distortion is the same guy we see before or am I barking up the wrong tree here.


James E. Powell said...

The funny looking u thing is the Greek letter mu.

With respect to electromagnetism, mu is the symbol for permeability.

who me? said...

Am I the only one who thinks that Sam looks an awful lot like Hanso in that fourth still down? Almost like Hanso's face is superimposed on top of Sam's. Prolly nothing but something I noticed.

Elizabeth said...

In response to zap800, the (108) is referring to equation number 108, found on page 45 of the pdf, which is substituted into the previous equation to give that result. I doubt it has any relevance to the number chart (but then again, anything is possible).

elpaw said...

You people do realise this is a very significant paper for modern physics? It's Maxwell's proposition that light is an electromagnetic wave.

Jyrki said...

Hey, just a question, which software you people use for extracting the frames from the flv files?

Anonymous said...

I did a frame by frame capture and saved all the frames with a glitch and info showing. I Packed them into a zip file for everyone to download here :


@ jyrki, this is how i did it:
- find the flv file or link in your browsers cache
(this video is here : http://a.find815.com/project/assets/production/videoandcaption/video_4_videodiary_2_knPkbfrnr72NCv91gYxI.flv)
- import the video in adobe flash and embed it in the timeline
- when you see the complete video in the timeline choose export > movie
- now choose "JPEG Sequence" in the "save as type" dropdown
- flash will now export every single frame of the movie as a jpg. For this movie that results in 3056 frames/single jpg files
- now you just have to go through all of those by hitting your right arrow key like 3000 times :)

good luck

XaRen said...

hey everyone,

I have three more screencaps from the video, that aren't on the blog so far.


I wasn't online tonight, so they are a little bit late ;) Hopefully not too late

Anonymous said...

Just want to make sure this hasn't gone unnoticed. The screencaps from Video Diary 4 with diagrams imposed over Sam's face that have a circle




bear a striking resemblance to red picture of Sam holding a magnifier over the same eye (I can't find a link to the picture, and can't remember where it came from now.) Just thought it was worth pointing out.

Brendan said...

Some of the glitches look A LOT like stuff from the first LOST ARG.

Check them out!



PLUS in the first ARG they reference the SAME Aurora!!

Tobias Berblinger said...


J said...

remember the picture of that weird zkillent guy posted on the flickr website with the circular object around his eye and the weird colors and shaggy hair? well that pic looks really similar to the still from this video diary where sam has a circle around his eye. just no shaggy hair yet. CONNECTION?

J said...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/22325653@N03/ is the link to the creepy photo from early on in the game. It is so similar to the pic where sam has a diagram of something that looks llike possibly light bending around his eye

J said...

the same guy who had this website http://tom.sif90.com/folio/index.htm. there is too much of a connection. Seems to me like the two photos are connected. In sams photo we see it is light waves being distorted around an object. Just happens to be centered on his eye. Exactly like the object in from of the zkillen person, bends light around an object in front of his eye. I think these two photos together give us another clue about ctc. The island is hidden from our "eyes" because light is being bent around it by some sort of magnetism....