Jan 2, 2008


Yesterday The-Maxwell-Group.com returned this message when attempting to log in with no user name or password:

Authentication Server Temporarily Down
The server is currently being serviced. It is expected to be back in service by
02/01/2008 00:08:15 UTC

Source: The Maxwell Group

It would seem that it should be fixed, if you make the assumption that the date is DD/MM/YY, however it could be MM/DD/YY.

Another note is that the website is a frame redirect and the website is actually hosted at http://www.find815.com/TMG/index.html

Perhaps we can find a way to find out the password from the HTML source code.


Gater said...

how i posted it on the earlier news :P
but this is a little bit strange, 'cause i thought the game ends with the start of season 4.

elias said...

I found something interesting.

In the part on Find815 where you have to look for anything in the ton of code, at the top you can see emails. I got curious and decided to give it a shot, by sending the two (no subject) emails a message.
I simply asked “Who are you?”
Around 7:45 I got a response from, “Tom Friendly” with this:

“Since the dawn of our species, man’s been blessed with curiosity.
Your curiosity will be rewarded.


Zeke Klotho Freundlich”

Turns out Klotho is something that provides some control over the sensitivity of the organism to insulin and appears to be involved in aging.
Said to have given mice longer lives.

Zeke was the nickname Sawyer gave Tom.
Freundlich is Friendly in German.



elias said...

Sorry for the double post.

"Some say that site isn't up yet, but somebody posted a hotlink for it somewhere and I got in...it's an executive positions "head hunter" company"

quote from GAcyclist, on ABC LOST Forums.


DarkUFO said...

Hi Elias,

Thanks for the info. We've already post the email one earlier today, but I 'll take a look at the post on ABC.

Appreciate the info.

Josh said...

Great info, Elias! I noted some similar (and additional) things on my LOST blog. I also wonder whether the Zeke name may be an anagram, since anagrams were all throughout The LOST Experience.

Regarding the-maxwell-group.com, I e-mailed the site admin. No reply yet, but if I get anything interesting I'll blog about it.

Keep up the great work digging into the ARG, DarkUFO, Elias, et al.!

the JoshMeister's LOST Blog and Podcast

elias said...

I think that Zeke Freundlich is just Tom.

Sawyer calls Tom Zeke, and he is also reffered as Mr. Friendly.

I think Klotho is the thing we have to search for.

Anonymous said...

Someone at the ABC forum said that UTC is meassured in 00 hours 08 minutes any 15 sekonds.

So the server should be "fixed" shortly past midnight.

richlost said...

00:08:15 UTC is actually
zero hours:eight minutes:15 seconds

jimpbblmk said...

If you calculate it as February 1st, it comes out to January 31st, 7:08:15 PM Eastern Standard Time. This is two hours before the premiere, just like the FAQ said. It's not late.

Tevildo said...

Elias - that was a mistake. The person had gone to themaxwellgroup.com rather than the-maxwell-group.com.