Jan 2, 2008

Sam Thomas Facebook

Thanks to Andrew for finding this. It appears that Sam has a Facebook page.

Sam's Profile

Thanks to Joern, it also appears that Sam has a Myspace page.



Congested said...

I call fake!

Gater said...

who knows
maybe it belongs to the game...give it a try...at least, the photo looks professional

Jake C. said...

Oh no now I have to register there too...

Josh said...

I agree with Congested that this looks suspicious. It is interesting, though. I wish there was a way to tell when exactly the profile was created.

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Gater said...

ok, "sam" added me on facebook.
there are the same information as on the myspace site (with a link to the site)and the hack video from the oceanic website.

Gater said...
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Gater said...

ok, the facebook account from sam is no fake!
the first entry on the account is from november 6th with the text: Sam is searching for 815.


Gater said...

i stuck with the facebook and myspace story.
i took the background image of the myspace site and analysed it.
there are two interesting thing.

here's the photo:

first, the words in the upper left corner and the photo on the right side. it looks like the old walls at the end of season 2.