Jan 15, 2008

Mystery Islands on Sam's Computer

**UPDATED** With Google Map Potential Location

Thanks to Jyrki for the heads up, but it looks like Sam is looking at the Sunda Trench area near Indoneasia and Christmas Island.

(Click to Enlarge)

Here is a screencap from a previous part of the game showing a quick flash of some islands on Sam's computer. Is this another potential clue?? Are these islands near the Sunda Trench?

Thanks to Anna for the screencap.


Jyrki said...

It looks pretty much the same as this view from Google Maps http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&om=1&ll=-7.700105,118.223877&spn=7.376558,10.283203&t=h&z=7

Hoku said...

I agree!

commando_j said...

Naomi claims the wreckage of Oceanic flight 815 was found in an ocean trench off the coast of Bali. Which is dead center to what Sam is looking at in the picture.

MikeNY said...


112.5 E, 11.1784 S

The 112.5 is from the shifted part in the Maxwell compass.

Paula said...

That computer is not Sam's! That picture is from Chapter 2, when you finish the activity game! The computer is the onboard computer for the sea bed scanner or something...
When we finish the activity for the switch board Sam turn on the computer to show it's working.... Since they left Jakarta, it's likely that the img they see is from that area.............. The sunda trench!