Jan 15, 2008

Dates Changed on ACMM Website

The Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants site which was connected to Rachel Blake and TLE has updated the dates to NOW reflect the years 2004 and not 2007.

Here is the original post: ACMM Connected to TLE

Thanks to Marina for the screencap:

So... with so many numbers I decided to go to ALLIED COPENHAGEN MARINE MERCHANTS website... and check ship names with the cell phone numbers... sooo... to my surprise I found out that all dates were changed back to 2004... (really supports my theory about Sam's finding tha fake wreckage that Naomi talks about) this making the game take place about december 2004... im sending you the pic with the new dates.


Kopa said...

But this is a fake fan site!

Wu Li Master said...

And even if it weren't, it only implies (not even proves) that the find815 game takes place before the end of season 3. How does it support the theory that any wreckage found is fake? It's a good catch though.

Anonymous said...

Fake fan site? Where d'you get that from? I always thought it was canon... Is this like lostpedia's dubious sources?

Anyway, I think it's important. This not only connects the website to the ARG, but to the show. Who says the freighter couldn't be one of those?

You bummers, you!

Chaz said...

This site was investigated and found to be fan created during TLE

kaiodelnorte said...

well then i guess this people are really supportive about my theory lol

Anonymous said...

This site is fake people... to avoid this... ALL SITES for this game are hosted INSIDE the FIND815.com host!!

Nienna said...

I guess it's fake. There's a url hidden. Read the first letter of the ports downwards.


It's MySpace site.

Thomasriekki said...

haha The Lost Gunman! It's like the Lost version of X-files' The Lone Gunman :P