Jan 9, 2008

New Website Found: Sunda Stories and Black Rock Site Gone!?

Update: 10:40 GMT Thanks to redheadgal for kindly taking the time to transcribe the text.

**UPDATED 2:00AM PST** Thanks to Chris and Dudu Maroja for finding info on the missing picture of the HMS M2 Sub on the Sunda site. The M2 sub apparently had an accident off the coast of the Isle of Portland in England.


Thanks to Hoku, Maria and everyone else for the heads up and screencaps of the new website which is called "Sunda Stories". Also it seems like the previous site the Black Rock is now missing??

The site seems to be about all of the incidents of missing ships and planes and unexplainable events in the Sunda Trench.


Hoku said...

I have been researching some of these lost ships...only the High Aim 6 in 2003 is real. I checked wikipedia for the list of all British war ships in 1815, no "Princess Mary." Also no Dutch explorer named Conrad Van Eyck! I could be wrong, but I think this list may be mostly fiction????

Petor23 said...

There's only one website listed as available for chapter 2 now. Seems they screwed up when releasing the information about the Black Rock.

Congested said...

Indeed. Very odd about the Black Rock page disappearing. Also what's up with all the images "not loading" on these web pages lol?

Sam doesn't seem to visiting very reliable web sites. XD

Congested said...

Maybe the images are in the Sunda Trench as well.

Sorry I had to. :/

Hoku said...

I just found the "ss ourang medan" was real tho....

sawker said...

"compasses have also been known to behave erratically"...quite intersting...who kows what will happen with Sam's compass!!!

Anonymous said...

the maxwell group symbol is a backward compass, maybe this has something that will relate to them. Who wants to bet that the guy on the boats company is the maxwell group?

Chris said...


I think this is the image that was supposed to be on the page.

Congested said...

Good find chris. :)

Hoku said...

In 1815 a huge tsunami hit indonesia after an eruption at Tambura...but I can't match the other dates to eruptions or tsunamis yet...interesting tho!

Dudu Maroja said...

its cleary that the black rock page was loaded too soon, if he knows a site with all black rock info, why still aking his friend about it.. in the now email he says " How the the shearch about the black rock is going " or something like that, this site is more looks more in the time line of the game...

Dudu Maroja said...

btw... one of the not loaded image is a britsh submarine you can read the image name in blue if you zoom it

the submarine name is HMS m2

there is a image of it on wikipedia


Eliza said...

zooming into the loaded boat image on the sunda trench page, dunno if anyone said this, but i think i can see a 2 and a backwards 3. number 23???

Dudu Maroja said...

"M2 left her base at Portland on 29 January 1932, for an exercise in West Bay. Her last communication was a radio message at 10:11 to her Submarine depot ship, HMS Titania to announce that she would dive at 10:30 am. The captain of a passing merchant ship, the Newcastle coaster Tynsider, mentioned that he had seen a large submarine dive stern first at around 11:15. Unaware of the significance of this, he only reported it in passing once he reached port."

Portland =]

Jyrki said...

SS Ourang Medan, interesting stuff in Wikipedia: link

Jyrki said...

Amelia Earhart, disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 link

LouieLou said...

Interesting that the HMS M2 was found on February 3, 1932. "The submarine was found on 3 February, eight days after her loss." from wiki... i just think the numbers plays into this such as 8 & 23.

Dustin said...

In the E-Mail with all of the numbers, some numbers seem a bit shaded to me. From top to bottom I came up with 111784. Could be a date? 11-17-84? Maybe I'm just seeing things though.

1miletogo said...

I did a whois lookup on the slaveshipsearch.com:

Millicent Holzheimer
67 23rd St
San Fransisco, California CA 94108
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 07-Jan-08
Expires on: 07-Jan-09
Last Updated on: 07-Jan-08

Administrative Contact:
Holzheimer, Millicent find815@gmail.com
67 23rd St
San Fransisco, California CA 94108
United States

Technical Contact:
Holzheimer, Millicent find815@gmail.com
67 23rd St
San Fransisco, California CA 94108
United States

Domain servers in listed order:

Ghoun said...

On wikipedia it says that Amelia Earhart may have had an affair with her navigator Fred Noohan. It is also stated that there are theories about Amelia crashing onto the uninhabited Atoll Gardner Island (Nikumaroro), as there was found a female skeleton, female shoes, aluminium and some glass. (Its the german wikipedia btw) My conclusion: this story was taken by the writers and put into the show and im going further and assume that the Adam and Eve skeletons are indeed Amelia Earhart and Fred Noohan her navigator.

freighter815 said...

i noticed amelia lockhart on the webpage thingy, who is supposably a other http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Amelia

Ghoun said...

I forgot to say that i base this on this reveal:
"1937- Pilot involved in search for Amelia Earhart disappears off coast of Sumatra"

Its one of the Sunda stories

Jyrki said...

"West German business tycoon" might be taken from this "January 1, 1958, Revonoc, pleasure craft, captained by business tycoon Harvey Conover." Link to Bermuda Triangle incidents in Wiki

mattcar said...

This is interesting the website for this page is http://www.findoutpedia.com/sundastories. The preavous page on the sundra trench was http://www.findinfoout.com/sundatrench but now it has changed to this findinfopedia.com as well when you try to go to the site it says "this website is coming soon" I think they are setting up a new website for the game.

mattcar said...

another side note My Progress for chapter 2 is showing two websites being released and completed.

Faisal said...

in the previous sunda trench website, they said that in 1815 there was a volcano thought to be the most massive in history,
and now they said that in 1815 also, british vessel "Princess Mary" disappeared, maybe they are related some how,

also there is a typo is the first one on the list,
"1566 - Loss of Portugese..." (missing "u": portuguese)

although there are many things added to the mix since chapter 2, but yet nothing new we could understand, :s

Anonymous said...

But by the HMS M2 leaving "Portland" they mean, "Isle of Portland" in England. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Portland

Dudu Maroja said...

The new site talks about Amelia Earhart, lost has made a reference of her in anagram form in the episode Not in Portland, in the show apears a logo with a name HERARAT, Aviation

scene in episode
and the woman picture

Credit goes to Lost in Lost Blog!!!

SpOOky said...

Hey ODI Nice post :)

Btw about "The M2 sub apparently had an accident off the coast of the Isle of Portland in England"

Isle of Portland is 8 kilometres (5 mi) south of the resort of Weymouth (Ive Visted Waymouth a few times while visitng MonkeyWorld (which is close by)

About Portland:

Rabbits have been associated with bad luck for centuries on Portland; use of the name is still taboo.

Portland is also a central part of the Jurassic Coast
(Me thinks of some S4 photos Ive seen)

In The Warlord Chronicles, Bernard Cornwell suggests that Portland was the Isle of the Dead, a place of internal exile, where the causeway was guarded to keep the 'dead' (people suffering insanity) from crossing the Fleet and returning back to the mainland. However, there is no archaeological evidence of such occurrences

melissadab said...


I'm with you. I believe that Lost's producers may have been fascinated with Amelia Earhardt, and thus have created a show that has much to do with the Amelia theories.

I have a feeling they are going to try and explain that Amelia crashed on the island in the 1930's. Of course, Amelia was born in the 1800s so she'd be dead by 2004. BUT... could the Amelia in Lost (one of the Others, an older lady) be Amerlia Earhardt's DAUGHTER in the show?...

if not, I do believe Adam and Eve will wind up being Amelia Earhardt and her male passenger in Lost's conclusion...

melissadab said...

Also... I think in the main scheme of things, this is a show about the magnetic forces of mystery in the Papa New Guinea area, mixed with corruption, greed and questionable experiments funded by Widemore, Hanso and other dirty businessmen.

Which is why I believe Widemore orchestrated Desmond crashing into it... he knew he'd make the man suffer rather than marry his beloved daughter Penny.

Later on, we'll find out that Libby was planted to talk to Desmond by Widemore.

I'm getting ahead of myself...

Tevildo said...

Question: If Adam and Eve are Amelia and her navigator, who laid them to rest in the caves? And where did the black and white stones come from?