Jan 9, 2008

Email Numbers Reveal Latitude of Flight 815's Location??

Hey All,
As most of you know by now a mysterious email with all sorts of random numbers can be found on Sam's Laptop.

For those that are still a little behind you can see screencaps of the emails and read everyone's theories about the numbers on this page here: New Email with No Subject

I have noticed that many of the Losties on this site that have left comments about the email (thanks to Hoku and others) feel that the numbers are a latitude coordinate of -11.1784, which I believe is also right.

The Lat. coordinate can then be inputted along with some potential longitudes into Google maps to reveal a location near the Sunda Trench and Christmas Island ...!! Which means we should be expecting a longitude during the game sometime soon.

I know that many of you that are on top of the game might know all of this already, but today I received an interesting message that actually makes a good case for the numbers being potential map coordinates for Flight 815 near Fiji. Using the same logic from earlier with Google maps, the Losties in a LOST Forum in Brazil have found another potential Longitude that pinpoints a location near Fiji.

So is it possible have we found Flight 815...!?

Thanks to Guilherme for the following:

I've been researching a lot about those strange numbers and, with the TEAM GAME here in Brazil, we thought a theory that I think quite interesting.

Let say the numbers are world coordinates....
The Pilot of Oceanic 815 said that "they turned back to land in Fiji and by the time the turbulance hit them, they were a thousand miles off course".

Well, the coordinate of the Fiji Island in Google Maps is this: -18.166667°, 178° 45'

Then, I put the numbers of Sam's e-mail like this on Google Map: -11°, 178º 4' and found a place in the Pacific, very near the Ecuador (like Sayid said to Shannon) and that can possibly be a thousand miles off course the traditional route of commercial air lines.

I'm sending you a picture of the map.

The green spot is the place I believe Oceanic 815 crashed, the little island below it is Fiji and there is a spot in the place where Sydney should be.

So, what do you think? Brazil is also trying to FIND 815 !!!


Source: ODI


Gustavo said...

makes a lot of sense to me. have we found our island?

Rafaella Albuquerque said...

Yes! Gui! Totaly sense to me too!

flavio said...

we're from TEAM GAME rock!!

Mateus said...

Team Game is the best!

and, yes, I think we have found the island!

good one, Guilherme!

Paula said...

Good one Team Game members!!!! ;)


flavio said...

we are brazilian and we never give up!!

Rafaella Albuquerque said...

flavio!! huaahauh !! PIADA INTERNA!

mile_cr said...

Have we found our island? Yeah! \o/

Guilherme said...

Try to use the email's number with the Sun's photo number as coordinates....


Anonymous said...

I don't think they are going to find the island, only the wreckage which was likely planted at this location by the Maxwell/Widmore groups.

Hoku said...

Hey, thanks to The ODI for his kind words...

I was reading the posts that were added under the heading New Email (no subject) after I went to bed last night, and I saw Pamela came up with a possible longitude to add to what I believe is the latitude of -11.1784. She read the gray numbers from left to right and saw 111.487. If you put that in google maps as: -11.1784,111.487, it shows a location in the sunda trench due east of Christmas Island! I can see that...good one Pamela!

The only flaw, if it is one, is the gray - sign. Maybe that is why some people like Ryan saw the - sign as not gray and some did???

Here I go frying my brain again AHHHH

Any thoughts? I do believe the longitude will be closer to Jakarta than Fiji, only because of the mentions of the Sunda Trench and the Black Rock traveled between Africa and New Guinea. Fiji doesn't lie in that area... it is way out of the way for the Black Rock.

Digo said...

I like the community owner "Find 815 - Team Game" I come here to all users accustomed to the community and Guilherme especially, for a further discovery that can help everyone!


Jake Chambers said...

This is good... just - it's equator, not Ecuador. Might not seem important, but still, this is being read even by the people who make the game, so it would be nice not to mix up the imaginary line that splits Earth in half with the country Ecuador :)
But... wow! I just don't know where all this is leading... I mean... what IF we really find our island? What then? :)

wasm said...

I dont get it...is it just the numbers we all think are a latitude with the longitude of Fiji??

SpOOky said...

Hey ODI, Just for you to know
some people cant see the pic, I dunno why, Ive linked to this post and they dont see the pic displayed, I see it fine, dunno why some cant however If I click the pic to enlarge, then I cant see it. :(

Julio Antonio said...

May be this the other number you need?


Taken from: http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/index?pn=mb&cat=73722&tid=174827

"On http://find815.blogspot.com/2008/01/strange-number-appears-while-loading.html

it shows the number 524287 appear. Other people couldnt really find anything about it, but I noticed when I searched WIkipedia for the number I got this

Jacobsthal number


Odd that it just so happens to have Jacob in the name.

I also found that 524287 is part of the ISBN number for this book


Julio Antonio said...
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Julio Antonio said...

I pluged it and this is what I got:

May it explain how a plane coming from Nigeria licking fuel (Eko's brother) got to the Island?

Tigerlilylynn said...

Oooo Vile Vortices \o/


Anonymous said...

does anyone have a map of the island? maybe rousseau's or ben's maps would be helpful right now?

Anonymous said...

OMG Look at what I just found looking up Christmas Island on Wiki.
" The mountain was originally a volcano, and some basalt is exposed in places such as The Dales and Dolly Beach, but most of the surface rock is limestone accumulated from the growth of coral over millions of years.[2]"

Sounds like the volcano Ben's teacher was talking about...


Hoku said...

Spooky and others who can't see the pic when they click the link to "location near sunda trench and christmas island" on the post. You have to use the zoom tool to bring the picture out. Also clicking on the satellite or terrain buttons will help :)