Jan 2, 2008

The Oceanic Airlines number message has changed

Thanks to Brett for the new Audio

Also thanks to Randy for the following.

I've never contacted you before, but when a friend of mine and I started playing around with the new LOST ARG tonight, she suggested we call the number on the press release (down at the bottom, where it says something like "Contact Georgia Cavanagh (818) 460-5520 for more information") and see what we got (even though I already knew about the recorded message that plays). What we found might not be a surprise, but there is an entire phone system set up that has different options you can play with after listening to the initial recorded message.

After listening to the initial message (or if you’re impatient, you can do this while the message is playing), pressing “0” supposedly transfers you to an available person. You then are told “Your call cannot be completed at this time.” Wait a few seconds and you should get this message:

"To log into your mailbox, press 81.
To call an attendant, press 0.”

If you don’t do any of these things and just start pressing buttons, this is what you should get:

1 – Skip Backward Command
2 – Play Command
3 – Skip Forward Command
4 – Previous Message Command
5 – Record Command
6 – Next Message Command
7 – That command is not recognized
8 – That command is not recognized
9 – Call Center Command
0 – Gave us a list of options (what other numbers do)

When you try to use one of the commands listed above, you should get “The (insert command name here) cannot be used at this time.”

If you choose to try to log into a mailbox, you can pretty much enter any number you want for a mailbox. When you try to enter a password for that mailbox, you should be told that the password is incorrect. Input too many incorrect passwords and it tells you to “Please contact your system administrator for assistance” and hangs up on you.

We tried entering some of The Numbers for mailboxes and passwords, but always got hung up on. Eventually the system stopped accepting incorrect passwords after one try (possibly because we had to call back so much).

I’m not sure if this is important or will play a part in the “Find815” game; I just thought this was interesting and could be of possible use in the future. Also, sorry if this has already been found, but I didn’t recall seeing it on your site anywhere.


Randy said...

The reason I remembered about FlyOceanicAir (which lead to my friend and I calling the number) was because I saw the commercial for it during the Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi channel (in fact, I think I've seen the commercial about 10 times by now). Has anyone else been seeing the commercial on other networks?

Anonymous said...

not yet, but i too saw it during the twilight zone marathon. i think during "the howling man" episode...but im not sure. how come when i try to call the number i dont get anything?

Randy said...

Just noticed I misspelled "led" above. That's what I get for still being up at 4:30am (local time).

Anyway, greenfleas, are you calling the number from a landline or cell? It's a California area code, so if you have some sort of block against long distance calls on your phone (if you're not in CA), that could be why. My friend and I are in South Carolina, and she has no charges for long distance on her cell plan (used hers to call instead of mine). If that's not the problem, I don't know...just make sure you're calling the correct phone number (remember, in some places you have to put in a "1" before dialing the number).

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

ahh yes. the good ole numero uno on la telephono. duh. thats what I get for being up at 4 am. thats obviously going to play part in the game at some point. i mean someone had to set that up, record it etc. excellent. its good being single after a 4 year relationship. just enjoy you're inner nerd.