Jan 2, 2008

Well, its 8:15 UTC, and there is no sign of the "Authentication Server" for the maxwell site being back. It may of course appear in the next minute or two, but my gut says we'll have to wait for Chapter 2 to be complete, so that we can get hold of the username and password, and that the authentication server will remain "broken" until such time as this user and password are revealed.

If anyone has a bright idea on how to get the server now (as its past the time they said, so i may be missing something) , then go ahead and comment, or email it to us, and it would be much appreciated.


Gater said...
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Gater said...

the date 2/1/2008 means the first of february and not the second of january.
it's an american notation.

Anonymous said...

Someone at another forum said that UTC is meassured in 00 hours 08 minutes any 15 sekonds.

The server should be "fixed" shortly past midnight.

Manuel said...

you probably know this, but UTC is greenwich time. 6 hours of difference with Chicago for example.