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Here Is the first video:

If you lose.

And if you win:

Thanks to EdMuse at the fuselage and lostlaura.

Hello, everyone. I got into find815 for just the briefest of moments and this is what I saw:

New video, Sam is on a boat, I think he is making his way to the Christiane I but he might be on it. He is like, "Everything changes, and my life has changed quite a bit."
The captain of this boat is like "I can't have you on here and..." This machinery brakes, and the captain yells "Sorry, Talbot looks like your gonna have to wait." and the camera, shows us That new guy from the video diary, (94% sure it was him) Then Sam is like I can fix that... In fact I could make a new one" And you have to play the new game (harder than packing a bag). Sorry I was not thinking and I did not take screen shots. But that is what happened. I missed a bit because I was trying to transcribe it.

So looks like the Talbot family is involved it this whole thing. If you get any screen grabs you can email me here: lostfan815@gmail.com

You may remember Peter Talbot from Locke's season three flashback episode "The Man from Tallahassee"

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