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UPDATE 3:50 GMT: It seems Find815.com is back up (for me at least). I have spoken to some people who say they can still not access the site, however.

UPDATE 2:12 GMT: The Maxwell Group and Flyoceanicair.com are also down.

Also thanks to durden108 in the comments for this screen shot of what he was able to see while remaining logged in to find815.com from earlier (it also seems it will be 95 hours + until the next update):

Original Post 1:58 GMT:

Thousands of people are trying to access Find815.com right now.... however many (or all) of those people are seeing something quite different.

Obviously this can be attributed to the update that was supposed to occur or is occurring right now. Cross your fingers and hope it can be accessed sometime soon without any more problems. If you see the site is working normally use the comments to let other people know. :)

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