Jan 5, 2008

Poll: Favorite "LOST" ARG Protagonist

This is a question I've been asking myself, and I'm sure others have as well. Now that the first chapter of "Find 815" is done how do you think Sam Thomas stacks up to Rachel Blake? (She's the protagonist from "The Lost Experience" who wanted us to take pictures of chocolate bars and in the process told us what the numbers meant.)

I added an option leaving it up to people to wait until further into "Find 815" to decide which person they like more. Maybe we can revisit this poll with a new one in a week or two and see if things have changed. :)

Sound off in the comments!

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Jake Chambers said...

I didn't play TLE because back then I just started watching LOST... but I never liked Rachel, nor her pictures and... anything. Dunno why, she just wasn't for me... and the fact that it turned out she's Alvar's daughter... my god, get them a soap-opera-digest-award.

But I like Sam. He's cute (lol), seems nice, and I'm very sympathetic to people searching for their loved ones (Des, Penny :)).
So, Sam. :D

annebeth said...

I'm not ready to decide.
On one hand, I like Rachel very much, because that experience was more... realistic I think. The video diaries looked very homemade, that's what made it cool. And I liked Rachels determination and how she showed up on the Comic Con, but at the end of the experience, she didn't look so in to it anymore. I don't know how to put it, but she looked a but off.

From Sam, we have not seen very much. But from what I've seen: he's cute (as Jake said ;)),looking like he could jump in the real show at any moment, and he seems to me like a very sensitive guy. But I have to see more of him before I might like him more than Rachel.

Gater said...

sams story is really sad...sams my favorite

Congested said...

So far I like Sam a lot more, however I am giving Rachel the benefit of doubt here and will hold off on picking a favorite until this is done.

Still it's interesting to see that nearly 80% of people have either sided with Sam already, or may pick him in the future.

Part of me wonders what would happen if Rachel showed up in this ARG somehow. (other than her flickr photo ofc :) )

And would Rachel be getting more love if her ARG was now and Sam's was a year and a half ago?

Congested said...

I closed the poll and we will revisit this question when the game is done. Thanks for voting!