Jan 5, 2008

Sam is heading to Jakarta

Thanks to th The_Other_Other for the screecap which shows that Sam's facebook has been updated to say he is heading to Jakarta.


xTiffanyTerror said...

I know people are still trying to find connections to Jakarta....I found something interesting. I dont know how or why it would have any significance, but in real life Josh Holloway's wife is from there. It might just be a coincidence but I just thought it was weird.....?

musepsycho said...

Sam has created two groups on Facebook & one of them is for Australians only. To this group he has invited somebody called Oceanic Smith, but he has not joined yet... I wonder if he'll turn out to be part of the game. Here's the link:


xTiffanyTerror said...

Ok this has nothing to do with Sam or Jakarta and it might just be me making random things important, but since I already posted tonight about Josh Holloways link to Jakarta in real life, I had to also point this out. I was watching an episode of The View with Josh and hes talking about his house being robbed and that it was the 23rd house the guy robbed. Are these all coincidences? Has anyone else noticed anything like this with any of the other characters?