Jan 6, 2008

The Ship Diagram on the Sunda Trench page

Update: 14:15 GMT Thanks to Havoc1922 for this HQ version.

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Thanks to Chris for the following.

So we've seen the Sunda trench info page with a diagram of the trench, a man's picture and a diagram, right?

As you may have known, the man is James Maxwell. Nothing new here. BUT I find out that the diagram is a diagram of a slave ship, here's the original pic:


The ARG team have edited it but I am sure the diagram came from that poster. Maybe it's connected to the Black Rock? Here's the link where I find the pic:


The page contains a timeline, what somehow mentioned the Sunda Strait too


Congested said...

They mention the same earthquake as the one on "findinfoout.com" (site in Sam's web browser)... hmz..

And OT, but looking at the diagram of that ship is insane because of the way they would cram people into those things. Really messed up. :s

Jyrki said...

Like I already commented on one previous thread, the ship picture looks very much the same as this one: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Slave_ship_diagram.png

Steff said...

Yes... Jyrki's link is EXACTLY the same picture, no edits, nothing..
(Motive: Diagram of a slave ship from the Atlantic slave trade. From an Abstract of Evidence delivered before a select committee of the House of Commons in 1790 and 1791.)

David said...

I am a history teacher. I should have said something about the ship, I knew it right away. and there were two types of slave ship ownders. tight packers and loose packers. the tight packers believed that the more slaves you put in the ship, some will die, but more will make it than the loose packers. this defiantly tells me that maxwell is not a nice person.

havoc1922 said...

The name of this slave ship is BROOKES. It was owned by the Brookes family in England. I read that this exact poster was used as propaganda by abolishionists.

I have a really good picture of it. I'll email it to Dark, if he wants to add it here.

jj said...

Look at the picture of james maxwell on the sundra trench page. he has the same profile as jacob.

caleb said...

my sundra trench webpage has no info or pics of ships or people. the last note on my sundra page is about the krackatoa volcano. any reasons??

sp94axp said...

What's a slave ship doing in the Pacific?

cldx said...

@caleb ..the sunda trench website has encounterred several changes since its first spotting. You can always refer to the Labels Drop-Down Menu on the upper right of the site for additional info. Try Label: "Sunda Trench" or use the Search function.

@sp94axp..Now thats a very good question. Maybe it never intended to go there but was somehow transported there...do i hear somebody saying Wormhole/Dimension Rift?

BlackSmoke@Lost said...

Is this suppose to be the black rock? The black rock didn't appear to have multiple levels.

gottawatchlost said...

What Sunda Trench webpage are you all speaking of? Did you "google" Sunda Trench or is it wikipedia?