Jan 6, 2008

KLOTHO - The Aging Suppressor

Thanks to Jodi for the following.

In regards to Zeke Klotho Freundlich, I think this is one of those things that if you're looking for something, you'll see it - like people thinking there's something special about the number 23, so they see it everywhere... So I'm just e-mailing this out of speculation.

I Googled “Klotho” and got http://www.4adi.com/flr/klotho.html. Now, I'm sure it's a coincidence and this is most likely a real company. (Though the bottom string of words saying "KLOTHO (The aging suppressor) Antibodies," over and over and over three thousand times seems less than professional, like they're trying to work the Google system or something.) But a LOT of it relates to Lost in suspicious ways.

The site claims that:

1. Klotho antibodies are an aging suppressor.
2. It causes "atrophy of genital organs" like the scan of the woman they showed to Juliet when she was being recruited.
3. It talks about testing on humans (others?), rabbits (Ben's?) and monkeys (Joop?... okay he wasn't a monkey, but still...)
4. It claims the products they sell are for "in vitro research use only." Sort of like what Ben has Juliet doing?
5. This is their old website, which links you to a new website with their new street address. Their old street address is "5415 Lost Lane".

Anyway, that's just some of it. A lot seems really over my head scientifically, so I don't know what to think - I just thought I'd pass it on and see if the expert thought it was weird.


Cyborg771 said...

Well I did a whois search for the domain, looks like it was registered back in 96 though so unless someone was squatting it, it most likely isn't related. The coincidences are a bit strange though, especially 5415 Lost Lane (5+4+1+5=15)

Cyborg771 said...
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Cyborg771 said...

Alright, did a google maps search and there really is a 5415 Lost Lane in San Antonio Texas, I think this can be filed under "creepy coincidence".

Cyborg771 said...

And here's another creepy coincidence. Lost Lane almost directly connects to Sawyer Road. lol

Cyborg771 said...
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Cyborg771 said...

Alright, last post. It seems that since the lab has moved from that location a Christian Apostolic Church has moved into the place. http://www.churchangel.com/WEBTX/sananto1.htm Search the page for 5415, it's near the bottom of the page.

xTiffanyTerror said...

Great find, I have to say that the coincidences are many. As with the other people who checked out Google maps, I also checked Google Earth and it is a pretty industrial-ish looking area. I wasn't around for the first Lost Experience but didnt they hide clues in magazines etc? So...it might be a stretch but COULD be possible, the "numbers" appear an awful lot surrounding this product. Plus...who wants this freaky chemical thing to be real? Lol

Erik said...

Has anybody tried to find some anagrams in the name Zeke Klotho Freundlich?

Anonymous said...

at first i thought this was a genuine site but there are some strange coincidencies,having first visited the hanso site anythings possible,I also think its a bit strange how they have pictures of cells/chromosomes on their page

Anonymous said...

could be reading into nothing here but many pages seem to be inaccessible and online ordering is temporarily unavailable,hmm!

cldx said...

No matter where this site originated from, i think its highly interesting that the Klotho Antibodies have been used in a Rabbit Host (remember the last trailer with Halowax/Candle we got with the "Twin" Rabbits?), they made a new one that can be hosted by a Mouse, but seeing the timeframe the video of Candle was made it probably wasnt available back then, no matter if this site is relevant or not, the Producers mustve stumbled over something that covers the same subject.

Mittelos Bioscience said...

Being a professional biologist, my impression is that the the site is legit; there is a lot of very solid information on the products and methods, even if there are plenty of "creepy coincidences". A search on Medline (the largest biomedical literature repository) shows dozens of papers on the Klothos gene and protein, which is in fact a longevity factor.

I think we're looking at this the wrong way around. The PTB have been very rigorous with the science of Lost. We've seen how good they've been with the physics; it shouldn't surprise us that the biology is solid as well. Therefore, they are going to take advantage of actual science to fit it in to their story (they already did this with Juliet's research in a way). So they are probably going to make lots of references to legitimate science in the story.
I'm sure there are professional scientists working with the writers and I hope they keep it that way. It's one of the key factors in my take on the story: plausibility (while still stretching the imagination quite far...)

Morgan said...

erik- i tried anagramming, and over results 5,000 came up. none too relevant, unless you count "f*cked thinker hell zoo".

Smullie said...

Hey dudes, I was checking the picture on the main site (www.4adi.com), and in one of the windows there's an image of a trailer. On it, you can see, in reverse, the letters m T. in between is another something, but I can't make it out.
At first, I thought it said 'Tom', but I don't think so. An O would me seen more easily I think.
But then I thought 'T M'......Thomas Mittelwerk ?
I don't know very much details about the previous ARG, but wasn't he a doctor of some sort?

Anyway, the link is below.


Thais Afonso said...

Did somebody tried to email the company? I thought about it, but I just don't know what to say.

Debs said...

Well whoever is writing this game obviously have researched real companies and tied them into the characters, very easily done websearch age surpression etc. and come up with the name "Klotho", ok, lets us that then for Zeke.

After all Zeke was just another name Sawyer give Tom, wasn't his "real" name :D

Case in point "John Locke" & "Henry Gale" etc.

Anonymous said...

The website mentions they named the product after one of the Fates, a Greek goddess named Klotho. Given how there a lot of Greek references on the Island...another interesting coincidence.

Nate said...

I actually emailed the company asking for more information on KLOTHO. No reply yet. Some interesting points, though:

I tried adding one of their pharmaceuticals into a shopping cart and a message came up saying that online shopping was down.

I tried calling the phone number on the website and there was neither an answer nor a message.

There was no result for their new address on Google Maps.

Andrew said...

looks like the same place to me:

Cyborg771 said...

Ok, let me be clear here guys. I am willing to bet anything that this site has absolutely nothing to do with the game. The coincidences are abundant but just that, coincidences. The phone number and shopping don't work because that is their old website. The product is named after the greek fate as is Zeke's middle name, they come from the same source, not from each other. Rabbits are a common test subject for biological experiments. THIS IS A LEGITIMATE SIGHT AND NOT RELATED TO THE GAME. Thank you and goodnight.