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Thanks to Dan for the following speculation.

Okay check this out! If we assume that 020 7946 0893 is actually coordinates, not a phone number, and it's really 02.07 94.60893, then we add to it the highlighted numbers from Sam's email, which are -11.1784. Put them together we get 02.07 94.60893 -11.1784. If you enter that into this coordinate converter, http://boulter.com/gps/, you get a location around the northern part of Sundra Trench! It converts into Latitude 8.5768, Longitude 93.1863. If you put those into the Mapquest Coordinate finder, you can get a better look. It's in the Andaan Sea (similar to Abaddon), and close to Jack's Phuket!

Source: Dan

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