Jan 2, 2008

Strange Flickr Photo

Update: 19:00 Thanks to Peter for re-creating the original photo.

Thanks to Andrew for the following and Thanks to Pumuckel for this enhanced/colorized version.

I have found some info for you if you want to post it up!

In the help file of find815.com it talks of a flickr account in section 22, which can be found here... http://flickr.com/groups/find815/

Earlier today there was another photo uploaded there that has since been taken down. I have attached it to this email.


Source: Andrew


Gater said...

everybody can post a photo on that find815 account 'cause of the shirt competition.
i think that this pic is only from an user to confuse us ^^

Gater said...

ok, little update
i downloaded the picture, reverse the colors...nothing.
than i opened it with an editor and searched for email adresses or websites...nothing.
this must be a fake (or i'm too stupid)

elias said...

Look at the extended version of the Orchid orientation video on youtube.

at 0:38 i think this man appears!

Can anyone confirm it?



Pumuckel said...

I also reversed the colors. It looks a bit like Sam but i'm not sure. I uploaded the reversed pic:

Pumuckel said...
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Gater said...

the person you mean is gerald degroot, one of the founder of the dharma initiative.
the person on this picture is much younger than the degroot actor.

Pumuckel said...


Gater said...

ok, i overlayed the both pictures. theres really cool effects and you could hide information, but theres nothing.

bondsbustyblonde said...

What is the image in the glass hes holding up?

Josh said...

This is really weird. I just realized that the Flickr picture may actually be a picture of... Sam Thomas—the main character! Details at my blog.

the JoshMeister's LOST Blog and Podcast

kessler27 said...

Yes.. is there an image in that "looking glass" he's holding up?

Tevildo said...

This doesn't look much like Sam, but it DOES look a lot like Thomas Killen. (Killent, anyone?)

SoS said...

Thomas Killen = Sam

Josh said...

After checking out the site mentioned by Tevildo, I think he's right. The guy in the mysterious photo looks more like Thomas Killen than Sam Thomas. Not to mention that the name of the Flickr user who posted it is killen_tom. I wonder if Thomas Killen is actually connected with the ARG, or if he somehow happened to find the Flickr group way before everyone else and decided to throw a false clue at everyone.

Can anyone verify with certainty that Thomas Killen is a real person and not someone made up for the ARG? I wish I could remember where I saw this link so I could give credit, but someone else has a photograph on their Flickr page referring to apparently the same guy, and the photo was uploaded in November 2006.

I have side-by-side comparison photos of Sam Thomas and the Flickr dude, and Thomas Killen and the Flickr dude on my site. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but as much as Sam looks like the Flickr guy, I really think the Flickr guy is Thomas Killen. As for whether he's really connected with the game, I have no idea, but I'm starting to suspect that he's not.

the JoshMeister's LOST Blog and Podcast