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Last night there was allot of chatter about some links posted on this site.

Thanks to sawyersfuturewife for the following.

All this info is from contributors at Dark's site...

englandstudio wrote:
last night at midnight a new post by Nkrptr went up at abc.com find815 message board. It gave only the following :


dario(edited for space) wrote:
Following the link posted here on findu.com, with the coordinates found on the email message with the numbers, you'll see a "ship point" called N0NSA...:

The links appear to show a boat called Christiane I transmitting beacon packets:*In search of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Has the game just become more real, Or Is this a fan created Hoax ?

Update: Thanks to Sprocket for this.

The 3 stations that picked up the signal are in and around the Omaha, Nebraska area, which is where N0NSA are based...
Basically, they've been transmitting a signal from Nebraska but making it seem as though it was coming from a location near the Sundra Trench.
It looks as though it's just a bunch of guys with too much time on their hands messing with us lol.

If you take a look at the transmissions received by the 3 stations, all of them are picking up signals within a proximity of around 100miles... the only signal outside of this is our N0NSA transmission, coming in at a whopping 15,700 some miles..... basically the GPS locations they are transmitting are incorrect
Basically, seems like a hoax

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