Jan 21, 2008

Sunda Trench Vessel N0NSA Transmitting

Update: 22nd Jan 01:00 This site is not part of the Find 815 game - DarkUFO

Last night there was allot of chatter about some links posted on this site.

Thanks to sawyersfuturewife for the following.

All this info is from contributors at Dark's site...

englandstudio wrote:
last night at midnight a new post by Nkrptr went up at abc.com find815 message board. It gave only the following :


dario(edited for space) wrote:
Following the link posted here on findu.com, with the coordinates found on the email message with the numbers, you'll see a "ship point" called N0NSA...:

The links appear to show a boat called Christiane I transmitting beacon packets:*In search of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Has the game just become more real, Or Is this a fan created Hoax ?

Update: Thanks to Sprocket for this.

The 3 stations that picked up the signal are in and around the Omaha, Nebraska area, which is where N0NSA are based...
Basically, they've been transmitting a signal from Nebraska but making it seem as though it was coming from a location near the Sundra Trench.
It looks as though it's just a bunch of guys with too much time on their hands messing with us lol.

If you take a look at the transmissions received by the 3 stations, all of them are picking up signals within a proximity of around 100miles... the only signal outside of this is our N0NSA transmission, coming in at a whopping 15,700 some miles..... basically the GPS locations they are transmitting are incorrect
Basically, seems like a hoax


Christy G said...

if this is real, then it really makes me think that sam thomas will end up on the freighter in the premire, BUT i don't know. why would they be searching for the numbers? how would they know the numbers and the black rock are connected?? does maxwell group have a connection to hanso, and that's where they got the numbers? sorry, i'm thinking out loud!!

Shannon Horrocks said...

The Maxwell Group and the Hanso Foundation could possibly be connected seeing how the Maxwell Group is a division of Widmore Industries and in "Bad Twin," The Hanso Foundation was in the same building as the Widmore Company.

croucher1986 said...

Hi, we in the chatroom before confirmed this is a fan / professional radio ameteur fake. I dont understand fully but Afterquake will be able to clear this up properly...something about call signs being forged?

Sprocket said...

Hey guys,

The callsign is fine, but N0NSA is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts from the Nebraska area.. seems they've simply given incorrect gps locations to fool us into thinking the transmission was from the Sunda Trench.

gives a description of N0NSA and was found while I was researching the transmission and its origins.

Basically, seems like a hoax

SpOOky said...

Yeh It Indeed seems like a Hoax
Unless ABC contacted N0NSA and asked them to do it. lol

I found it Interesting that 3 stations reported its position.
3 is a number that atleast to me seems Important to lost ;)

The Glass Eye said...

Hoax or not, how cool is it that they could pull this off?

SunSpot said...

possibly a hoax, but not a confirmed hoax yet, correct?

Bolivar Baez (2006-5715) said...

I had already posted that a few nights ago on the chat. I guess no one listens to me.

Anonymous said...

I think if I tied the Nigerian e-mail scams in with Lost somehow, I could be a rich man :)

Sawyers said...

On the update...
'site not a part of find815 game'.

Site did look like authentic ham/gps tracking site to me.

Does this mean the beacon is definately not a part of find815 game at all?

SpOOky said...

Hell It was a Fun while it lasted :)

Salute to those guys down at the 0ughtian Empire Amateur Radio Club

I really nice Prank, Atleast I think so >:)

oh7lzb said...

Hi guys,

I run http://aprs.fi/ and I can confirm that the site is not involved with the Find 815 game. It's a genuine amateur radio position tracking site. It also receives AIS data from a number of receiving sites, allowing commercial ships (tankers, cargo, passenger) to be tracked in real time (when prompted, please enter a nickname to view the map).

The origins of APRS tracking packets cannot reliably be traced.

Christy G said...

man. good hoax.

Dmitry said...

If it is the joke, when they continue that, because there are more interesting messages from this ship