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Here is another theory from Team Game in Brazil. This time it is a theory using the coordinates, the Maxwell compass and the new poem to connect the LOST Island with our Find815 coordinates.

Thanks to Rafaella for the info.

Our team has been working for a long time and until now we didn't have any solid evidence to prove our thoughts. Now we have this poem. A simple clue that gave us the evidence we needed to send you this.

Utilizing the e-mail we've received with the numbers, we've discovered the coordinate -11.1784. Then, with the words e-mail, we got (smaller than all the others) the sequence AABBCFC.Using the correspondence a=1, b=2, c=3, we've got the number 112.2363.These coordinates took us to a spot on the Indian Ocean, next to Bali's coast.

Ok, until that everybody's got it ...

Considering the cardinal points on the Maxwell Group's compass, we've figured the coordinates should be inverted, putting East on West and West on East. Making this process, the coordinates took us to Rotuma Island, on the north of Fiji. We assumed, then, that Rotuma Island would be Lost's island. Or some island near that one ..
According to 815's pilot, the plane returned to land in Fiji, and the Black Rock went in direction of the east of Papua New Guinea, so everything leads to Rotuma. Christiane I, according to our theory, must be on the opposite side of Rotuma, because its using the usual coordinates.

To make our theory even more plausible, Rotuma is composed by two islands. One should be the main island and the smaller one, the place where Dharma's hydra station is located.

Today's Walt Whitman poem, "When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer", in our belief, turned it all clear when talked about astronomy. To finalize, as we discovered, the astronomers' compass is inverted, just like Maxwell's.

So, that's our theory ...again, for the consideration of all the players and fans.

Source: Find815

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