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Some speculation from Team Brazil.

We developed this theory, and we thought that may be interesting to post at the blog to see if anybody else thinks that way...

Taking into consideration all of the 3 LOST's seasons and the Find815 game we, the TEAM GAME, came to after today's new clue.

As we came to know in the second season, Penny's father could have something to do with the fact that Desmond is on the island, or that he's missing for that matter. Penny's never gave up on finding her soulmate. So, after the brotha went missing, Penny started to think that maybe her father should have something to do with that and started to check his history and actions.

She founds the connection between her family and the Hanso Foundation and all of its experiments. By knowing that, she came across the magnetic experiments information and started to investigate them, as the Hanso Foundation did.

On the island, we see The Swan blowing up by the ending of the 2nd season. Which cause a huge electromagnetic explosion that had its effects "felt" on the planet and was detected by Penny's researchers right away (those two Brazilians on the Arctic). At this point, Penny was right she had found Desmond.

Simultaneously, Penny discovers, during her investigation under her father, a communication room, but has no clue of with what that communicates, since everything is offline.

Mr. Widmore, by some mean, finds out that Penny knows the island location. And knowing her daughter is getting to know some things he don't want her to and that may compromise him with Desmond's disappearing, asks one of his employees, which we assume is Mr. Talbot, to lead an expedition to the island and clean out anything that could possibly link him to Desmond or anything else he had done on the island.

To achieve that, he tells Mr. Talbot that he should tell the Losties that who's leading the expedition is Penny. To make them believe, Mr. Widmore gives him some book that belongs to Penny and a picture of her and her boyfriend.

The boat gets to the island, and Naomi, convinces the Losties that the expedition is led by Penny.

Coincidentally at the same time the boat is waiting for Naomi's call from the island, Penny gets to the communication room we talked above, when all of a sudden everything starts to work and she gets to talk to Charlie letting him know there are no boats.

Bottom line: Christiane I is Naomi's boat. And we're probably going to see Sam in 4th season!

Source: Team Brazil

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