Jan 5, 2008

Video tape on Sams desk.

A video tape now shows up on Sams desk.
You can play the Video Diary 1 by clicking on the Camcorder Or the Video tape.
Most likely more will be added to Sam's Video Diary at a later date.


The ODI said...

thanks for posting spooky i wa just about to post that... :)

SpOOky said...

np odi m8 :)
I was going to post a shot of the camcorder close up aswell
untill I saw that you had done it :)

Love-Over said...

wait a second... with all the respect to everyone, didn't you ODI put the whole video?, why don't just add where you found it... you all are posting a lot of stuff that i think isn't so necessary, we have thousands of pictures of the e-mails, rooms, room with zoom, a fake video, changes in emails, instructions and instructions for the instructions, and billboards in all the 360° angles. could that be one of the causes for the traffic conflicts in this website?

each 10 minutes there is something new, but no so new, just small changes and insignificant details.

well.. it's just my opinion