Feb 8, 2008

Find 815 - Stock Prices

Thanks to Orchid who points out that the stock prices displayed on the TV when Sam was Interview are Exactly the same as when Talbot was interviewed about Flight 815 being discovered some time later.


Will said...

Are you kidding me? It's not a clue. It's called lazy filmmaking

Anonymous said...

Why bother making a new one? If the compositor already has a ticker going, no sense in changing them as the only people who will notice is.. erm.. us.

Jeff said...

Btw, thought I should mention that all the numbers on the stock ticker are combinations of the Numbers:

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

SpOOky said...

Imo, They know only too well how closely Lost fans look, and this game even encoraged us to look Very closely
So if it is a mistake Its a silly one for them to make.

Personally I dont see any reason they would need to add the stock prices at the bottom so I think there is more to it ;)

This kind of thing makes the Arg seem in keeping with Lost Episodes.
(See Continuity section of the blog) ;)

Topher said...

I don’t know if this is old news but , i have made a connection between LOST and a LOST spin off
web site www.find815.com
This web site tells the story of how the staged oceanic flight 815 crash site is found, its kind of cool cos there a clues to find and puzzles to solve on it.
Now there are five clues to find, first is a oceanic hot line with the number “888-548-0034” on it,
Second is (maybe) a dairy turned to the last page and on it reads “if found please return to penny “(PH 020-7946-0893). Third is (maybe) a French news paper reporting on the oceanic flight 815 crash. Forth is container (bottle) of medication from the Santa Rosa mental Health Institute.
Fifthly a container (box) with the words “Property of Queens College Dept of physics”
Now the connection.
Five clues and the five newest characters on the island.
The first the hot line Frank Lupidus, (pilot) calls the oceanic hot line. The second the dairy i think is linked to Niomi (Niomi either stole, found or was given the dairy from a group. That’s how they and herself know about Desmond. Desmond going missing may of given clues to the island location, and aided them on their hunt for Ben.) The third Charlotte Staples Lewis (anthropologist) picking up an news paper reporting on the oceanic flight 815 crash (with the same title) at the polar bear dig site. The forth the Santa Rosa medication is i think is linked to Miles Straume ( a ghost buster) who in his time was committed or is receiving medication from Santa Rosa (in his line of work “ghost busting” at first may of thought himself mad, or other people who thought him to be so, and off to Santa Rosa he went)
Fifthly the box labelled “Property of Queens College Dept of physics” is the department where
Daniel Faraday, (physicist) works