Feb 6, 2008

New Email

Thanks to The other's master who noticed Sam has a New Email
Is the game really over ?

Update: My Progress 10 blocks screenshot

JDMCMAMC said... I have added up the blocks and get (by chapter) 10+9+6+6+4=35. However, it says on the laptop that the number of total emails is 36. The only place for a 36th box to hide would be if it was the eleventh chapter 1 email.


Save_The_Hobbit said...

Doesn't it say right on it that it's a fake just so that the progress screen will have the right number of blocks?

SpOOky said...

Yes it dose
But What exactly dose that mean ?
And why do they need a certain number.

SpOOky said...

If "This Email should not be seen" Why then are we seeing it.
Thats not something you do by mistake.

Who is not supposed to see it ?
Us Or Sam ?
If we are not meant to see it, Why can we ?
& Who is Mark Smerdon ?

Hoodlum are a professional company, I doubt its an error, The question is, Why are we seeing it, and why have they added it After the game is meant to be Complete ?

oodles said...

Now it looks like a "C".

ToxicAvenger said...

Guys, Mark Smerdon is one of the contacts in Talbot's cellphone in the Chapter 3 activity. This can't be a coincidence!

1miletogo said...

There is a Mark Smerdon on facebook in Australia...


Mary said...

I don't know about the email but I'm curious about a guy posting riddles in Italian, with the screen name of scientist who worked with Maxwell on electromag. stuff. His posts are on Lostpedia's main and find815 forums, screen name j.j. thomson.

The last one is the youtube mentioned previously, that is new footage, so he must be legit.

The word that was hard to catch is 'snake'.

Anyone willing to take this guy seriously with me and look at these riddles?

Anonymous said...

I tried the M. Smerdon from talbot's phone with the login and password on the maxwell site but i got nothing. But I'm convinced that this is no coincidence. He's on Talbot's phone so it has to mean something.
I looked it up on wiki but nothing(except an australian racing champion?). Hopefully everyone hasn't gotten too burnt out to solve this one.
I just wanted to make a quick aside:
I recently read the transcripts of the eerie whispers that we hear throughout the series. I know this may put me behind most fans, but if you've never read them, READ THEM, they are one of the coolest parts of the show, and i think they reveal the most hints about the entirety of the show. Good Day to everyone.

Anonymous said...

PS. I meant the whispers from Lost not Find815. Sorry for the confusion and for posting about Lost instead of Find815.

Pandoras said...

The game can't be over, we have to open that Maxwell Group website !!!

I can't see any way to open it without some new clues, please help, Our Mutual Friend :o)

Nathaniel said...

Hmm this seems to me like a mistake. This reminds me of something I would do if I was programming something up. It was probably there to do something with the # of unread messages or the # of revealed messages so far, etc.

It seems to me this has something to do with an email variable in the program.

Esp. now since the game is done, none of the programmers have checked up on it since the finish. It was most likely accidentally shown because of a time factor they didnt account for in the program.

Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

Below are the clues posted at LP by j.j. thomson so far. The "drawing on green stone" must refer to the chalkboard behind Abaddon. The poster is from an Italian IP. The number sequence has an error (48 not 42). That's about all I've got so far.

This is from a variety of posts, translated:

Watch video 5
My name is truth

we have to move in a rush and I need you all
fires will light up again soon

He is not who pretends to be

I'm (or they are) in danger
a clue is hidden in a drawing over green stone
we have to lead them back
and you must help me

talbot hides his name

to each one of my answers the truth goes away
to every truth the face shows itself


I need talbot's data
look where there's no light.

dirty and traitor Talbot he obeys to the penny father desmond is in danger but it does not succeed to see it

watch maxwell's tape
numbers and snakes are hiding
rabbit number 15 comes to life and dies
but who stays between white and black is obscure for us

I have little time and in 12 hours I will be gone forever


1miletogo said...

watching the video I see the following appear on the screen

23 find815 snake 4 find815 mailbox find815 8

I don't see the 16 though

Could the find815 be dividers maybe everything before is username everything after is password?

mattcar said...

I just note that the my progress that had blocks updated was chapter 1 it used to have 9 e-mails now it has 10. I think it is weird they would go back to make sure the first chapter had 10 instead of 9 e-mails unless it was suppost to means something even if we weren't meant to see this e-mail.

Mary said...

Thanks. Sorry for posting all that then!

SpOOky said...

Im sure The Youtube video is Fake.

I was e-mailed about it before, and when I checked I noted that the user's Favs were to gay men clips.

It seems that the favs of the user are not showing now.

I guess they realised it kinda gave them away as a faker and made another account, Or somebody else posted the same clip ;)

PopeJPMcD said...

I'm kinda convinced the password has to be gold, golden, or something based off that, why else would Oceanic be offering a golden "pass?" But the username could be anyone from Penny to Killen to Talbot to anyone on Talbot's phone. Maybe the total number of blocks on the progress screen when the game in complete is a number in the username, like O_Talbot108 or something. Has anyone counted up the blocks in all the chapters? They wouldn't be talking about the correct number of blocks if the game wasn't still on with clues to find, would they? I just think the Maxwell group site has to be there for a reason.

lostlove said...

I think the email is a new clue. If it were something just to even up the #'s of blocks, it would be addressed "To Valued ARG Members". And if it were an internal memo, never meant to be seen by us, it would have an actual recipient. And the professionals would make sure it was seen by only the intended recipient. And really, Mark Smerdon ?? Clearly a fabricated name/anagram.
The real fun is seeing how long all of us will continue to play!

1miletogo said...

I think that we may need to watch episode 2 very closely for a clue to the maxwell group site.

SpOOky said...

I think this may be Just to get our attention, and make sure we keep looking
Ready for something else. :)

Anonymous said...

In reference to the "Update: My Progress 10 blocks screenshot" image above, there have always been ten with the tenth partially hidden. Nothing has changed. Also, I have added up the blocks and get (by chapter) 10+9+6+6+4=35. However, it says on the laptop that the number of total emails is 36. The only place for a 36th box to hide would be if it was the eleventh chapter 1 email.

XaRen said...

As if WE need something to encourage us to keep looking ;)

Cryan said...

hi guys...

did you watch the episode 2 trailer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S5aNBbCIVE

In the trailer there are clips of Oceanic 815, that was taken by Sam with christiane I. Maybe we can get a new lue about Maxwell site and the game in this episode.. by the way.. The voice in the trailer who says 'oh my god.. it is oceanic 815' doesn't sound like sam.. or does it?


PS:Lostlove>> Yes, agree.. how long will we continue this? :))

Mike said...

Maybe Mark Smerdon is another anagram? But I put it through an online solver and none of them make much sense:

armonk derms
dammer norks
dammers nork
darn kommers
demark morns
demark norms
demarks morn
demarks norm
denmark mors
denmark roms
derms armonk
dor marksmen
dorks merman
dors markmen
drank momser
knarred moms
kommers darn
kommers nard
kommers rand
mark moderns
mark rodsmen
marked morns
marked norms
markmen dors
markmen ords
markmen rods
markmen sord
marks modern
marks morned
marks normed
marks rodmen
marksmen dor
marksmen rod
marred monks
merk randoms
merk rodsman
merks random
merks rodman
merman dorks
modern marks
moderns mark
moms knarred
momser drank
monks marred
morn demarks
morned marks
morns demark
morns marked
mors denmark
nard kommers
nork dammers
nork smarmed
norks dammer
norks rammed
norm demarks
normed marks
norms demark
norms marked
ords markmen
rammed norks
rand kommers
random merks
random smerk
randoms merk
rod marksmen
rodman merks
rodman smerk
rodmen marks
rods markmen
rodsman merk
rodsmen mark
roms denmark
smarmed nork
smerk random
smerk rodman
sord markmen

Anonymous said...

i think its an anagram for "this has nothing to do with the game, its an internal error. get over it and stop trying to make something out of nothing" but i could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ok i didn't feel like reading to see if anyone mentioned this but, I went to the facebook someone supplied for Smerdon and a couple of his friends are contacts in Talbot's phone also...

Rutger Augustus Munz said...

I will find out something about these italian riddle...I'm from Italy too.

Rutger Augustus Munz said...

I think he was a fake...

1Miletogo said...

I didn't have time earlier to poke around in the facebook link I posted, but as the4gottenabyss has stated, I found 6 names from Talbot's phone on Mark Smerdon's facebook:

Julie Brooks
Anna Harris
Michael Griffin
cameron mccolloch
Cameron Morrow
richard owen

I am not sure that this would be coincidence... 6 names out of 28 friends listed are in Talbot's phone?

1Miletogo said...

I didn't have time earlier to poke around in the facebook link I posted, but as the4gottenabyss has stated, I found 6 names from Talbot's phone on Mark Smerdon's facebook:

Julie Brooks
Anna Harris
Michael Griffin
cameron mccolloch
Cameron Morrow
richard owen

I am not sure that this would be coincidence... 6 names out of 28 friends listed are in Talbot's phone?

maria_bisbalera said...

I think that all the people from facebook, contacts of Smerdon, could be just real persons, perhaps from abc, and they really could know each other just because they work together

oodles said...

re Facebook:
I think they used real names of Hoodlum employees in the game, Smerdon being one of them. Richard Owen, for example, works for Hoodlum.

SunSpot said...

FYI: the name Julied Brooks is used on Flickr in the first picture on with the girl with raised fist (in front of statue of liberty). This Same image was used later (in higher resolution) for the OMF shot with big dipper.

Makes sense that the phone list is peeps involved in the game.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember what Sam's friend, Tracey's last name is? Just wondering...

Nienna said...

Tracey Robertson

nightphoenix13 said...

I think the "Submit" button on The Maxwell Group's website automatically takes you to the "Authentication Error" page. Being as it doesn't seem that it is even trying to verify what username and password you enter. It just goes straight to the error page instantly. Like clicking a link. So, I don't think this feature is meant to be accessed at this point at all.

LostIt said...

Nathaniel, I agree with your assessment of the email. It's a programming error. If they programmers are stil paying attention to the site, it will probably disappear tomorrow.

David said...

I think I can confirm what nightpheonix13 said, since I looked at the php file for the Maxwell Group login. The short version of the story is that I am pretty sure that there is no username or password that will be accepted.

Andrew said...

all this email indicates is that their flash guy is too lazy or stupid to fix the problem with the action script displaying how many emails there are. either way its shoddy work.

i agree with login page theory, the login is not in a form tag which means they're probably not running a script on the login.php page, just faking it to make it look like its doing something. maybe they haven't decided what the login will be yet.

Rutger Augustus Munz said...

lostit was right. The mail is disappeared.

Krisch said...

David, how are you able to look at the PHP page? PHP code can only be accessed via FTP. So you have to be an insider (or an hacker).

I can't say if the login is working, but don't arrive at false conclusions.

P.S.: Hoodlum should be a professional company, but it's not the first mistake in this game. Think of the last activity...

dragossh said...

While the login fields are not in a form, they have IDs. And the button has a JavaScript action, LoginNow, that takes you to login.php?username:password.
Why they have done this in JavaScript instead of putting a form on the page, I don't know.

Unless we see the PHP script (and we can't see it, I think what David saw was the HTML output) there's no way to be sure if it is checking the username and the password.

David said...

Sorry, I misunderstood how php worked. The page you get back is only what the serve sends you. Therefore, there might be a password and username out there.

Tom said...

The login page (PHP) is taking a variable string compiled of the username and password, and likely redirects if the string is not correct.

Basically, there is going to be a correct user/pass combo.

Anonymous said...

tom's right, there is almost definitely a correct login.

By checking the java code, the login and button do have values and it is likely checking the code and, as tom suggested, redirecting if the string isn't correct.

Anonymous said...

thanks nienna for letting me know that Tracey's last name is Robertson. I thought it was, but wasn't certain. In some earlier posts about Mark Smerdon being on facebook, I had to check it out. While visiting some of his friends, in particular Anna Harris, I spotted a Tracey Robertson from Australia. Wouldn't she be friends with Sam and not the Maxwell Group?? Hmmmm...

Snake said...

Hey everyone, that email isn't showing up for me!? Anyone have any ideas? I'm logged in, I've finished every challenge, all the blocks are green etc. i open my email and the 41115l057 is the most recent. at the bottom of the email program it says 35 total. what do I have to do to trigger the last email?

Krisch said...

@snake: that email was an error, as rutger told it disappeared after a few days.