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Update: 02/02/08 From comments posted by a number of members
It seems like this is nothing more than a a digitial watermark

Thanks to taiphun who e-mailed us about the mp3 audio Talbot Interview

I was on chat and noticed that Gigora
found that the audio file (mp3) that comes from the UCLA radio website
has properties that contain hexadecimal numbers in the Comments
section. This is highly unusual, so it was of great interest to me
when I found my copy of the mp3 and cried purging tears of joy!

The conversion of these hex numbers to binary are as follows:

00000062 01100010
00000073 01110011
00002140 0010000101000000
00001429 0001010000101001
000000B6 10110110
000138F5 00010011100011110101
00007DB1 0111110110110001
00006151 0110000101010001
000000D0 11010000
000138DB 00010011100011011011

The binary, when converted to ascii translates to this:


This doesn't make a whole lot of sense for now, but I think we are
taking steps in the right direction to figuring if this means
anything... perhaps a lead into TMG's website?

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