Feb 3, 2008

Oceanic Airlines is giving away the goods

Update: 5th Feb Thanks to Josh who has found a way for non XBOX owners to enter.

You can enter by mail by hand printing your first and last name, address, city, state / province, ZIP/postal code, phone number and e-mail address (if any) on a 3x5 piece of paper and mail it to:

Taking You Places You Never Imagine Sweepstakes
P.O. Box 1403
Lombard, IL 60148-8403

Limit one (1) entry per outer mailing envelope. Mail-in entry(ies) must be received by February 17, 2008.

We will only accept one (1) entry per person/ email address (regardless of method of entry or whether one person has more than one email address or more than one person use the same email address).

We are not responsible for entries that are altered, delayed, deleted, destroyed, forged, fraudulent, illegible, improperly accessed, inaccurate, incomplete, interrupted, late, lost, misdirected, multiple, mutilated, non-delivered, postage-due, stolen, tampered with, unauthorized or unintelligible."

“NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States (includes the District of Columbia) 18+. Game ends February 10, 2008. For details including free, alternate method of entry, see the Official Rules.”


Six (6) First Prizes. A prize package consisting of the following items:

· Xbox 360 Pro console (Approximate Retail Value, ARV,$349.99)
· 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription (ARV, $49.99)
· 1600 Microsoft Points (ARV, $19.99)
· Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of LOST on DVD (ARV, $179.97)
· LOST baseball hat (ARV, $17.95)

Three (3) Second Prizes. A prize package consisting of the following items:

· Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of LOST on DVD (ARV, $179.97)
· LOST T-shirt (ARV, $19.99)
· LOST messenger bag (ARV, $45.95)
· LOST baseball hat (ARV, $17.95)
· Total ARV of all prizes: $ 4498.92

If for any reason an advertised prize is unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value as permitted. We will only award one (1) prize per person. All prizes will be awarded provided a sufficient number of eligible entries are received.

Source: XBOX

Thanks to everyone who emailed this to me.

Xbox Live subscribers in the United States have a chance at winning an Xbox 360 bag-o-goodies with Oceanic Airlines' Taking You Places You Never Imagined sweepstakes.

If you haven't noticed already, Oceanic Airlines has partnered with Xbox Live to give away Xbox 360 consoles, Microsoft points, Live subscriptions and special surprise packages to nine lucky peeps who download their theme. No Play & Win, no registration via Xbox.com, you have to download the theme to enter and that's it. Entry into the sweepstakes ends on February 10th, so make your way to the XBLM, locate the Oceanic Airlines theme and give it a download for a chance to win. Because even though they are out of business, Oceanic Airlines wants you to love 'em.

Source: XBOX 360


Smullie said...

And suddenly, living in Europe sucks big time...

Anonymous said...

@ smullie

Ive came to terms with the fact that living in europe means im the bottom of the barrel when it comes to things i like. So much for a internationaly friendly ARG aye? pfft

Smullie said...

Well considering the ARG side of it, this one was easier to follow. But as soon a live podcast or something would occur, yeah that's a bummer. Ow, and the update's being at 2 in the A.M. and..
OK, you're right....

Anonymous said...

Do you have to own an Xbox game console to enter this thing? All I have is PS2.

Anonymous said...

BlueSkyAhead899, yes, you need Xbox 360 console to enter this.

Here are some screens of the theme, console language is set to russian, so all text is on russian, but that doesn't affect theme at all, don't worry :)

Xbox Live Section

Games Section

Multimedia Section

System Section

System Section (expanded)

Kuiosikle said...

hmm kpan beat me too it, but here's pictures I took of the theme, and also of the download page, extra.


Anonymous said...

lol ill be honest, the way this one was set out i thought it would be internationaly able aswell, despite the 2am thing (which i must admit killed me when it ment getting up for college) but when it came to ringing up numbers that were based in america even though the company is australian, i though ok then but carried on. then pennys phone number apeared and i got really excited thinking FINALLY something for the UK fans, and it wad a bloody fake number. that kind of killed my excitement.

Anonymous said...

Kuiosikle, you won, okay :D

btw, how did you manage to make sections without anything, just backgrounds? just curious

xmozzazx said...

You've got to be kidding me. This is the Oceanic giveaway?
I can't say as it surprises me, I knew better than to get my hopes up, but this plainly blows.

Tom21 said...

*plane-ly blows :]

FallenWiccan said...

why does everything have to be microsoft *grumbles*

and i'll not mention my europe-ness either, being a gamer in europe sucks even more as the games timeframe is ridiculous, at least shows are starting to get better but sometimes in the gaming world its getting worse *sigh*

Kuiosikle said...

kpan, there is a Freeze function on my tv's remote. I froze the screen while switching between blades.

Jason said...

So you need an Xbox to win an Xbox? Great :P

Bill Blogins said...

Oh, I see how it ties into Lost now.... it like a paradox or an oroboros. (you need an xbox to win an xbox) It's like holding a mirrior to a mirror. GENIUS! [/sarcasm]

It's both strange and stupid that xbox doesn't want NEW users.
Did anybody really think this one all the way through?

daddepants said...

Dumbest thing ever. You have to have an Xbox 360 to win an Xbox 360. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

Oh yeah, it's stupid.

andrea said...

Today I'll buy an Xbox 360 so I can win the Oceanic Xbox.

....So they think we are going to do this?!? No way, man!

The right thing to do, in my opinion, was to give away special editions of the Xbox game (that is coming out at the end of february)...

Anonymous said...

Don't be bummed out Europeans. There are plenty of Americans who don't have Xboxes. so we can't play either.

gottawatchlost said...

This is crazy...
I'm not going to buy an XBOX for the "chance" to win an XBOX. Guess I can't play the game. Those are really dumb rules.

Sunshine said...

This is so stupid! You have to have an XBox for a chance to win one?! Lame.

tina_nettles said...

Aaaaaahhhh! Our Xbox is being worked on currently!!! Hope we get it back before the deadline to enter! Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry technicians, mailman, husband to hook it back up!