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Thanks to Cryan for the following.

I was thinking about the time plot of the find815 game, previous seasons of lost and the Season 4!

What I plotted:

- In final of Season 3: Jack was flying over the 'world' various times by using 'the gold pass' given.. (According to his words: ..gold pass given to US!-According to me all the ones who could leave the island.. (Season 4 trailer says that 'someone' will be able to leave the island)): So it means that Oceanic is on duty! Which means that this happened AFTER the game...

- In one of the Season 3 episodes, Naomi says that: Wreckage of the 815 was found off coast of Bali! But video 1 of find815 tells that they couldn't find anything and the search for the plane was stopped and Sam mentions about the plane in the first diary as DISAPPERED (not crashed,not found, etc.): So this means that game time is before Naomi stepped on the island..

so I think this brings us that: now in the game, we will try to find the 815 wrekage, which we will really find at the end as the solution of the game BUT which will not help us AT ALL because we already know from Naomi that it was found before she came to the island!

So i think this game will help us to find out the missing parts about what happened in 'real life (during our losties on island)' until the 815 body found! Maybe it can give us an idea about 'if Naomi was telling the right about the wrekage found, if really there were bodies inside, or many similar ones, (any parallel time effect etc)..'

Here is another clue for me to think in this way: Please have a look at the picture at the link: http://www.drgeorgepc.com/tsu77Indonesia.jpg

Actually the picture of Sunda trench on Sam's notebook is a little bit small and doesn't give us a bigger view.. I found a zoom out picture of the area. If you look closely, you will see bali, as one of the Sunda Islands in the middle... So.. We will find the 815 body at the end of find815 game, off coast Bali, but not our dear island or losties..

I am open for any comments of yours..

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