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Update: 14:15 GMT Thanks to The Morning Edge who has found a researched ship ship by the same name. Complete with Heli-pad!


**UPDATED** Thanks to Rafaella for confirming that Sam sees an Auroral "Australis" (Southern Hemi) not Borealis.

Here is a screencap to compare:

**UPDATED** Is there a hidden face in the water!?

Initially I was thinking it could just be the shading in the water, but then based on everything else going on in the game I figured it was worth a post even if there is nothing to it.

Thanks to Jose for the heads up and screencap.

(Click to Enlarge)

During the video we see Sam look out to the see to see what looks like an Aurora Borealis also frequently seen in the Northern Hemisphere and known as "Northern Lights" and occur in areas of high magnetism.

Here are the screencaps:

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