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Thanks DarkUFO readers Jay and Matt who alerted me that OurMutualFriend42, or "OMF" as she is more commonly known as, has posted a picture of herself up on flickr. I took a look at the photo and noticed that not only was OMF superimposed over the big dipper, but that the picture was tagged with (in the following order):

find815, find, 815, perfect, silence, big, dipper, ourmutualfriend42, our, mutual, friend, 42, walt, whitman, shimmr, shimmer

Also, is there any significance in the characters that appear on her bag strap?: < D H O P W DB +8 (I'm not sure if that's an "O" or a zero btw)

UPDATE 3:45 GMT: It seems there are some other interesting photos in OMF's Photostream. The portrait is labeled as Walt Whitman's... he's the one who wrote the poem that the braille clue led to.

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