Jan 26, 2008

Clue From The Video Diary

Everyone chatting this evening agrees this needs to be posted. Manny of the hidden images from the video are found within this lengthy paper dated March 1861. Additionally, this appears to be another difficult puzzle to solve.

Here is the link:



AHanso said...

How did they find this site?

JacksLostStepKid said...

I don't think this is in game. The document was created June 5th, 2005, too late for the timeframe of this game, or too early if we are supposed to think it was posted recently. That is the creation date embedded in the document info as well as the date in the directory it sits within.


JacksLostStepKid said...

Oops - posted in the directory on June 6th, 2005.

Madera said...

Hey People!!

On this paperwork (.PDF) thare are some formulas, leters ans some paragraphs marked as they were circuled or pointed with a pen or pencil.. must see!
Maybe that's something!

* Just to take note: in the name of the file "Maxwell_oplf.pdf" the "oplf" means: "On Physical Lines of Force"

Greetings from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

I got a brain cramp trying to understand lines of force....can someone translate?

mynameisbroken said...

Here you go, hope this helps. It's from an old and bad paper but I hope it gets the idea across.

"Michael Faraday believed that long range forces worked by filling the space around them with fields (1). Fields are essentially the areas of influence around the objects that create them. To help people understand his ideas about fields he used lines of force. These lines represent two characteristics of a field – the direction of the force at any point in space is along these lines and that the strength of the force is greatest where the lines are closely spaced – almost like one would imagine the strength of an explosion (1). His most telling discovery was that the relationship between electricity and magnetism was reciprocal – “A moving or changing electric fields generates a magnetic field and a moving or changing magnetic field generates and electric field”(1). Faraday also created a crude dynamo which is a form of an electrical conductor that we use to generate electricity today (conductors allow the electrons in them the freedom of movement which allows for a greater transfer of electricity).

James Clerk Maxwell discovered that the transfer of momentum and energy via electromagnetic fields was not instantaneous through his mathematical calculations. Given the conservation of energy and momentum, the electromagnetic field had to be credited with possessing some of the transferred momentum and energy because energy and momentum were obviously moving between objects and , at certain times, the sum of the energy and momentum on both the object exerting the energy or momentum or the object receiving it would be less than it should be. He then began to try and link light to these fields, and found that light was a perfect example that showed how magnetic and electric fields, by moving away from each other in right angles, sustained themselves and could travel in a given direction until absorbed by an outside object. This led to a revolutionary understanding that would help bolster television and radio."

Kessler27 said...

Is this lasagna guy for real, or are they just messing with us? This paper seems to be of alot of use here, things kinda make some sense now in regards to the island (magnetic invisibility).

btw... you all were so nice in chat tonight, i think i may stop back sometime :)

Torched said...

All it is saying is that a magnet generates "energy" in the form of magnetic vortices. He then explains the different methods and calculations. Fortunately, it looks like we need to look for a more broad answer to this part of the riddle. I doubt they want us to solve complex mathematical computations dealing with magnetic fields.

yanka said...

Um, that is just a pdf of an actual real paper published by Maxwell, the person that related electricity and magnetism. I'm pretty sure there are no equations to be "solved" here - they are mathematical formulas that describe the behavior of electromagnetic forces, and they are over a century old.

Imho, they used Maxwell's equations to set the mood, so to speak. The equation are about magnetism... the Swan was about controlling electromagnetic phenomenon on the island... it blew up... Sam saw an aurora, which is a product of solar particles hitting the earth's magnetic shield... so, there you go.

Btw, Maxwell's famous equations served as a sort of inspiration... or backbone, if you will, for Einstein's special relativity. Which postulates that the speed of light is constant and introduces the notion of time dilation. And we had the Amelia Earheart broadcast in real-time for Sam, hm.

Anonymous said...

Good 'ol calculus. Finally something I understand that doesn't need Google Maps.

Interesting we got another Faraday mention, maybe the other people mentioned will come into play. 50/50 chance.

Just to say it, the year of this paper, 1861 adds up to 16. Another instance of the numbers...:P

weBB said...

I think now we know what the Arrow Station was for...

Julio Antonio said...

I let you guys come up with the solution.
The people of find815.com are crazy if they think I'll browse a 61 page document for clues... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING... CAREFULLY" its an anagram or something... CAREFULLY can be "CLUE FLARY". I said because those 3 dots are kind of suspicious.
any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I think people are investing too much into the content of this PDF file. I saved it to my hard drive and looked at the file properties and it mentions something about PDFTK. This is a program that can be used to manipulation PDF files, including encryption/decryption of same.

I seriously have to wonder if something isn't encrypted into the PDF that we're supposed to find. So far the only thing I've managed to do with the program is "unpack" the PDF where each page is its own PDF file.

Considering the braille, stego, anagrams, etc... I don't think it would be too far removed to have something encrypted within the PDF file.

steur said...

Earlier in the fourth chapter there were found some letters (A-F) and numbers on the Sunda Trench page. On the pictures that are found in video diary four and in the pdf file that is found from maxwell about magnetism the letters A-F are also mentioned. I thought we maybe have to do some measuring with this numbers, with maybe some formulas from the maxwell paper. The poem also told us about adding, dividing and measuring. What to measure, I don't know? What do you think? To far-fetched?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at information on phase-space holes?

Anonymous said...

I, too, would not be surprised at all to fid some sort of encryption in the maxwell paper. Check page 13. There is some scribbling that I find interesting - can't tell what it is/was, but I find it odd that someone would publish with a mark like that on it.

elpaw said...

There are markings on that paper because someone scanned their copy of the journa, written on paper with ink, you know, that old stuff before computers were invented, into a pdf. It's not like JCM created a pdf with his new found superpowers. Their copy would have markings on it from a century of people reading and commenting on it.

As to the question of encryption in the file, if there is it's nothing to do with F815. that file was created some while ago...

elpaw said...

Just to add, that file was created 06-Jun-2005 at 23:40.

Joseph said...

How do know it was created on June 6th 2005?

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who works in computer forensics, it's not hard to alter a date to make it look like it was created a long time ago. It's only a matter of changing the time on your computer then creating the document and saving it.

sawyer840 said...

In my theories post on my little blog
I hinted to The special theory of relativity of Einstein long before the game find815!
Is about time and phanomena of time and the Schrödinger cat experiment (Orchid video) is about the different conditions of objects.
Even a Maxwell is involved in the research of the special theory of relativity!
In the early 19th century, light, electricity, and magnetism began to be understood as aspects of electric and magnetic fields. Maxwell's equations related the known facts that changes in magnetic fields cause changes in electric fields and vice versa, in such a way that a solution for propagating electro-magnetic waves could be set up. These wave solutions to the equations travel at a constant speed, c, which arises as the ratio of constants in the equations. This turned out to correspond to the speed of light, so that Maxwell identified 'light' to be an electromagnetic aether wave as well."
Maxwell was one of the so called Pre-1900 relativity researchers!

In another post of my blog, i mentioned that the Minokowski was involved in the development of the specific theory of relativity theory.
the Minkowski's spacetime:
German mathematician Hermann Minkowski's setting combines the three ordinary dimensions of space with a single dimension of time to form a four-dimensional manifold for representing a spacetime. He also made a diagram, which is known as Minkowski diagram:
It provides an illustration of the properties of space and time in the special theory of relativity and it
allows a quantitative understanding of the corresponding phenomena like time dilation and length contraction without mathematical equations.
Minokowski's research is combined to the researchs by the french physican Henri Poincaré, who created 1898 a paper called "La Mesure du Temps"! He claimed that simultaneity of distant events would have to be established by convention, specifying that the speed of light is taken to be the same in all directions (relativity of simultaneity).
Maxwell also made a statement about the speed of light in his researchs by identifying 'light' to be an electromagnetic aether wave as well.
The correlation between Minkowski and Poincaré we'll find again:
Minkowski space is often compared to Euclidean space. While a Euclidean space has only spacelike dimensions, a Minkowski space has also one timelike dimension. Therefore the symmetry group of a Euclidean space is the Euclidean group and for a Minkowski space it is the Poincaré group, that's for the nomenclature.

An asteroid '12493 Minkowski' is named after Hermann Minkowski and he presented his geometry of numbers, a geometrical method that solved problems in number theory!

So the physics is a big issue of Lost and find815!