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Update: 5:15 GMT

Thanks to feddawg for sending me this additional info.

With the hidden reference clues to James Clerk Maxwell in the recap video tonight and the link to the 68 page .pdf file that contains the theories on electromagnetism and the bending of light due to it's electromagnetic properties I believe we were given an answer tonight. The answer lies in how the island is invisible to the world while existing in plain sight. After scanning through the paper I couldn't help think that it seemed familiar and it is. The embodiment of Maxwell's theories were put to the test by the U.S. Navy at the end of WWII in the Philadelphia Experiment. This was the Navy's attempt to render a ship invisible by bending light through the use of a strong electromagnetic field. The results of that experiment have become the source of legend, but rumors have circulated for years that the ship was rendered invisible, teleported to another location, and traveled through time, all themes of Lost. I think as well the people participating in chat tonight that we have been provided with an answer tonight to one of the riddles of the island, why it can't be found, as well as supporting evidence for Desmond's time travel after the implosion, and some of the medical anomilies of the island. Thanks to Will, KeepingPace, AfflictedMuse, Cjojojo, Mando and all the others I can't remember for elaborating on this after I introduced this on the chat.

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Thanks to Will for sending this speculation over. Hopefully Dark can confirm if these users are real or not.

User "Lasagna Resumes" (the user who's been talking in anagrams) was pretty active tonight in the chatroom, and led us to some interesting discoveries, along with "OurMutualFriend42"... User "feddawg" probably already told you guys about how "Lasagna Resumes" led us to information about the Philadelphia Experiment, but after that, he went silent for about an hour, and then user "OurMutualFriend42" sent only one message, only once: There are "More than 62 million of them" yet only one 3xuq4k. A few minutes later, "Lasagna Resumes" came back to the chatroom.

User "AfflictedMuse" googled the exact quotation "More than 62 million of them", which leads to only one entry, which is "tinyurl.com". Turns out this website has the subtitle "Making long URLs usable! More than 62 million of them. Over 1.6 billion hits/month.", and is actually a way to make url's shorter. User "AfflictedMuse" then used "3xuq4k" as the tinyurl subdirectory, which comes to http://tinyurl.com/3xuq4k, and corresponds to a wikipedia page about "Closed timelike curve (CTC)". We kept asking user "Lasagna Resumes" about the CTC's and it's "Light Cones", and he kept saying we were on the right track "carrot knight (anagram)". I even talked about the island being caught up in a CTC, and "Lasagna Resumes" said that was a right track, and said Good Work (word gook).

So, if "Lasagna Resumes" and "OurMutualFriend42" are real, they wanted us to know about CTCs, and probably the island is related to it. All of Lasagna's posts were really consistent, and lasted a long time in the chatroom, so it really seems like a serious user. OurMutualFriend42 was consistent too, sending only one message, as she usually does.

List of anagrams used repeatedly and in a very logical manner through the night by user "Lasagna Resumes"(useless anagrams):
gee strings = Greetings
carrot knight = right track
wreckage intro = i see wrong track
footage munches = focus on the game
a watermelon err = more answers later
obey frown = bye for now
word gook = good work
mistread putt = i must depart

Source: Find 815

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